Jackson Farm Bureau: No Summer Community Meetings

Eagle Point, Oregon

Jackson County Farm Bureau President Ron Bjork says that no community meetings are being held during the months of July and August.  Bjork reports that Board meetings are being held to take care of any business that may come up.

While no formal meetings are held, members are in constant contact with each other by phone or email.  Those members needing to contact Bjork can do so at 541 830-8000.

Bjork also reported that the Jackson County chapter is 3307 members strong, and are nearing their goal for membership in 2011.


The Farm Bureau is awarding two $500 scholarships in 2011.  They will be awarded to winners during the fair.  As much as $4500 has been awarded in the past, but too few students are applying for the money.  Bjork reminds members and readers that scholarship applications go out in the spring and winners notified during Fair week.


In addition to the Jackson County awards, the Oregon State Farm Bureau also awards scholarships to youngsters wishing to pursue a career in agriculture.


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