Southern Oregon Greenhouse Supply–a growing business

Shady Cove resident Rick Mori got into the greenhouse business somewhat by accident.

putting the finishing touches on greenhouse at OSU extension

It happened about four years ago, when his wife Anna, asked him to build her a greenhouse.  With his background in construction, he designed and built her a greenhouse, but the story doesn’t end there.  When Anna’s friends came over to inspect her new addition, they wanted one built for their garden projects too.  At that point, he says, “the light went on.”  What has happened in the meantime is a growing (literally growing) business.

Now in his second year following incorporation, he has dealerships throughout the Rogue Valley and Grants Pass and soon hopes to have an outlet in Klamath Falls.  First, he assembled the greenhouses himself, but now has a crew that accomplishes that part of the service.

Since the original design, he has come up with others, based on experience and study of the many others on the market.  Other things have changed too, during that period.  He has found a local fabricator to build frames and made other contacts to bring materials closer to where they will be used.  By doing this, he has reduced costs to his customers.  He also has a full line of greenhouse related products for those wishing to round out their gardening experience.

Mori will quickly correct you, that the models he sells are properly referred to as a Propagation house, as greenhouses are used where open pollination of plants is required.

Broccoli ready for transplanting

This means that pollinating insects must be allowed into the house.  Despite the name, people generally use them for the same purpose.  Extending their growing season by earlier starts or growing later into the fall when frosts threaten delicate plants.

Extended growing season allows lemons to ripen

Among the accessories he stocks are plant mats, heated matting that tricks plants into believing that the soil has warmed and is correct for sprouting.  There are also heaters, high efficiency propane heaters that use about 5 gallons of propane during an average winter week.  Of course, he handles flats, pots, thermostats, humidistats, ph meters, soil test kits, and water barrels and grow tables.

Commercial models are available and require some design work.  The commercial models became possible when fabrication of the frames was done locally.

The goal has been to provide good value at an affordable price to those who seek to grow their own foods and to grow foods that have not been flown 1100 miles to get to the market.

Southern Oregon Greenhouse Supply sells locally only through authorized dealers, but you can go on line to see the models at


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