Ties to the Land Workshop Being Offered

Ties to the Land is a workshop and curriculum that tackles tough succession planning issues – more from the standpoint of communication and family dynamics than from a legal or estate planning perspective, although these topics are also is included.  The Ties workshop has been offered in various places in Oregon and has been very well received.  The program is now going national.   Although originally developed with a focus on forest landowners, this material is really applicable to farm and ranch owners.
A Ties to the Land workshop is being offered as part of Tree School Rogue, on April 28.  A class description and details are provided below.
Ties to the Land-Part 1
1:00-4:30 pm
If you own and care for forest land, the fate of your land is probably important to you.  You hope the work you’ve started will continue past your lifetime and that future generations will benefit from your efforts.  But hope is not a plan.  Preserving your legacy requires planning, and that involves more than just having a will or an estate plan.  Ties to the Land is an OSU curriculum designed to help forest and farm landowners prepare for the transfer of their property.  Ties to the Land includes six modules.  The first three modules will be presented during Part 1 of this class at Rogue Tree School.  Those signing up for Part 1 should plan to attend Part II of Ties to the Land – to be presented on May 31 (5:30-8:30 pm) at the OSU Extension auditorium in Central Point. There is a special $25 course fee (per family) separate from Tree School Registration to cover the costs of your course notebook and other program costs.
Here are the topics covered in the two parts of this course:
Part 1 (at Rogue Tree School 2012)
·         Gain awareness of key challenges, and the tools to deal with them
·         Get tools to determine your heirs’ interests
·         Clarify your values and goals
Part II (on May 31, 2012)
·         Learn the steps to successful planning
·         Learn how to hold effective family meetings
·         Learn about legal and financial instruments that can support your plan
Instructor: Mary Sisock, Director, Ties to the Land Program, Austin Family Business Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.
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