Agenda 21 and You

By Kathy Lehman


Rosa Koire drew a packed house as the key speaker at the April 10th meeting of the Jackson County Chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Rosa is the Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute, and co-founder of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. She is a recent addition to the long-standing educational efforts of anti-Agenda 21 stalwarts such as Tom DeWeese, Dr. Michael Coffman, Henry Lamb, Michael Shaw and Joan Veon.


Rosa was as a forensic commercial real estate appraiser, specializing in eminent domain valuation, in her capacity as District Branch Chief, for the California Department of Transportation. Her work experiences lead her to discover, research, and finally expose the tentacles of Agenda 21 in her community of Santa Rosa.


Rosa is on a mission. And as a liberal Democrat, she not only explains “UN Agenda /Sustainable Development” across the nation, but educates people to the fact that there’s nothing about Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development that is partisan. It’s an equal opportunity slave master, yet one most Americans have never heard of.


Haven’t heard of Agenda 21 or know little about it? Well, if the freedoms Americans traditionally enjoyed are important to you, please read on. This is a huge subject; I will only attempt to scratch the surface in this article, hopefully enticing you to further research and discovery on your own. Rosa calls Agenda 21 “the biggest public relations scam in the world.” It’s actually much worse than that, as through it everything you do, or ever hope to do will be strictly controlled, or forbidden.


The interlocking circle diagram below shows the three Es of “sustainability” – Economic, Environment, and Social. It is easy to see how elusive sustainability can become through manipulation.



Rosa laid out a general overview of Agenda 21, telling the audience it “enables and justifies the monitoring, metering, and restricting our energy and water usage, instituting a carbon tax on industry, pulverizing our roads and destroying our dams, sinking our economy, exhausting our military with endless war, diagnosing a huge portion of our populations with mental illness, druggedness, bleeding our transportation budgets with high-cost projects to nowhere, revamping our school system by inserting sustainable development principles into every course from kindergarten to post-grad, declaring our public lands as off-limits to humans, and changing every land use document in the nation to require high-density housing and city centers to more easily control us. It allows for warrantless searches and domestic surveillance. It identifies us as potential enemy combatants, and redefines torture. ”


Agenda 21 was developed by the United Nations over a period of time traceable back to the 1972 U.N. Conference on the Environment (UNCED), and then Secretary General Maurice Strong, in Stockholm, Sweden. This first major UN conference on environmental issues identified “environmental protection” as the world’s greatest problem (surprise, surprise) and created the U.N. Environmental Programme. Unfortunately, this action was followed almost immediately by President Nixon’s Executive Order creating the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


In 1983 former UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar, backed by a United Assembly resolution, asked the Prime Minister of Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland, to create a separate organization. He asked her to then identify environmental “problems and solutions” (sounding Hegelian anyone?). The UN could then ride to the rescue, “propos(ing) long-term environmental strategies for achieving sustainable development to the year 2000 and beyond.”


In 1987 the Brundtland Commission, known formally as the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), released its first major report, “Our Common Future.” WCED issued its report specifically to raise awareness of the “need” for sustainable development.

At the request of then UN Secretary General Boutros-Boutros Ghali, the WCED worked for five additional years to produce the solutions to this “need” – Agenda 21.


The 1992 UN “Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro adopted Agenda 21 (along with the Rio Declaration, and the Commission on Sustainable Development). It was billed as “a global agenda for transition to sustainability in the 21st century.” Sounds so sensible and forward-thinking, doesn’t it. But the Devil is in the details.


Agenda 21 was designed, and is now being implemented worldwide, NOT to protect a natural environment purported to already be on life-support. Rather, it was designed and is being implemented as a nefarious ruse which will rob human beings of all control over their lives.


Americans (and those in other developed nations) are expected to subjugate their entire existence to the “needs” of the Environment (but not their own), Social (but not their own), and the Economic (but not their own). Among everyday conveniences widely enjoyed today that Agenda 21 has declared to be “unsustainable” are:

Single-family residences

Internal-combustion engines (from lawnmowers to personal automobiles)

Appliances (personal lawnmowers, personal washing machines, home and work air-conditioners, etc.)

Dams and reservoirs

Ski resorts

Private wells

Meat eating

Basically, the life style of the middle class

And modern-day farming, from tractors to pesticides, fertilizers, and “tillage” which disturbs the Earth’s surface, releasing greenhouse gases

The world population


Did you know that the Social and Economic Equity heralded by Agenda 21 does NOT mean that citizens of under-developed third-world nations will be shown how, and assisted, to achieve our standard of living? Rather, those in the developed and industrialized nations will have their wealth confiscated and redistributed. They will be significantly laid low, brought down to the squalor and poverty of those in the Third World. This is what the UN means by Social and Economic “equity.” And plans and programs are already in effect that will greatly reduce the world population. The UN believes only 20% of today’s total population is sustainable in an industrialized society. Once the world is de-industrialized, a return to 80% of today’s population may be permissible. This is what is meant by Environmental Equity. Otherwise, the earth simply could not support all that prosperity, don’t you know!


As Rosa said, Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development are NOT left/right issues. Many U.S. Presidents, and many, many other politicians over many decades, from both major political parties, support and empower this “change” in national, and worldwide, focus.


President George Herbert Walker Bush signed onto Agenda 21 at the Rio Summit, committing the United States to its implementation.  The fact that Congress never voted their support didn’t stop implementation. In 1993 President Clinton created the President’s Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD), and every President since Richard Nixon has advanced the march toward one-world “governance.” The implementation of Agenda 21 has now been largely accomplished through executive orders and other “soft law” at all levels of government, with the full aid and abetting of hundreds, if not thousands, of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


Rosa Koire will tell you Agenda 21 is “a blueprint for an action plan to implement the inventory and control of all land, all water, all plants, all minerals, all animals, all information, all means of production, and all human beings in the world, and then ask, ‘Is that comprehensive enough for you?’” You can read Agenda 21 in its entirety on the United Nations’ website here: Then find a copy of the Global Biodiversity Assessment – over 1100 pages of particulars not quite fleshed out on the Agenda 21 website. Then wait and see what “changes” this “change” brings, remembering Boutros-Boutros Ghali’s explanation to Joan Veon that “change” means introducing “constant change” as a way to continue the evolutionary processes begun in Rio (


You can watch Rosa’s excellent 91-minute presentation here: explains the basics of how UN Agenda 21 has affected Americans in their towns and counties, and describes what methods are being utilized to impose it upon unwitting citizens.

On that site you’ll find discussion and links to UN documents, ICLEI, and various non-governmental organizations with policy making and influencing powers, as well as anti-Communitarian sites, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and grassroots whistleblower groups.


AFP meets the second Tuesday evening of each month at the Medford Library, starting at 6:30pm. You may contact Ken Fawcett ( for further information on AFP policies and activities in Jackson County.


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