Thank God I’m a Country Boy April 13, 2012

The Seat of All Knowledge

This week was incredible.  I got to build roads, worked in the greenhouse–or propagation house– as a friend likes to correct me, attended a school board meeting and a meeting of the Board of directors of an irrigation district.  I looked out the window a lot because of the heavy rains we’ve been having here.

Some of the Plants in the Greenhouse

Last spring it was nice until about this time, then it rained through the first part of June.  Good for pastures, lousy if you want to plant a garden.  Looks like it might do the same this year.

The first of those meetings boiled up into a major shouting match.  No one made their point, because the other side wasn’t listening.  The second was a build-up to a lawsuit; from what I can see, it isn’t going to be pleasant.  Fighting seems to be the rule now, not the exception.

Tomato Seedling

During the second of the two meetings, the chair of the Board suggested that people need to be good neighbors.  Good neighbors don’t allow things to escalate into full-blown wars.  They bite the bullet and work to get along.  I have to say I see this more in the country than I ever did in the city.  That “good neighbors” suggestion is a good one.

So while everyone in town was arguing over practically nothing, I was on the seat of knowledge, the red tractor that allows one to do major thinking and get all the right answers to life’s problems.  It’s still work, but in a way relaxing and a good place to find the answers to all those problems that crop up during the week.  It’s raining again today, so the problems that have cropped up today, will have to wait for a resolution some other day.

Elephant Garlic

That Greenhouse is another way of staying connected.  I’m fairly new to the work inside, but have been a lifelong gardener.  I’ve occasionally had animals, but it really isn’t my thing.  But I do love watching seeds sprout and nurturing them right through to the table.

This year, I plan on planting many new fruit trees, some that are not normally thought of as fruit trees here in southern Oregon.  Looking forward to the cold-hardy Kiwi Fruit trees.  This is also the year of installing the raised beds on a more permanent basis that the ones I done before.  (well, when you get older, bending gets to be more of a pain, if you know what I mean).  Those asparagus beds are going to be enlarged and some new grape plantings should make for a full day during summer months.

There is something about a garden, indoors or out, that seems to quiet the nerves and help a person keep a focus on something besides him/herself.  Living close to the land is, in short, good therapy.


Thank God I’m a Country Boy


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