JaCo Farm Bureau awards $2500 in Scholarships

J.W. Iich, Phoenix HS, Ron Bjork, JaCo Farm Bureau and Katie Deupree, Eagle Point HS during awards ceremony

Jackson County Farm Bureau annually awards scholarships to high school students and to college students continuing their education in the agricultural field.  This year, the Farm Bureau awarded four scholarships totaling $2500 to two High School Seniors and two advanced students.

One scholarship went to Eagle Point’s Katie Deupree who will be attending Linn-Benton Community College studying animal science with focus on nutrition and genetics.  She will also be involved in Livestock Judging while completing her course of studies there.  Katie graduates  from Eagle Point high school on June 8.

J. W. Rich is also a senior, but at Phoenix High.  He plans on entering Oregon State University to study engineering with emphasis on clean and safe drinking water, perhaps in areas that have a significant lack of the precious liquid.  Rich is planning a trip to Haiti to see first hand the effects of polluted water systems in an area still not recovered from a devastating earthquake.

Deupree and Rich both received $750 scholarships from Farm Bureau President Ron Bjork just prior to the Lamb Auction on June 3.

Amanda Wolf and Jason Laurence were unable to attend the auction due to class commitments, but their applications for assistance with continuing agricultural education were approved by the Farm Bureau Board late last month.

Wolf is attending Chico State college and she received a $500 award.  Laurence also received an award of $500.  He is attending Oregon State University.

While not huge amounts of money, the Farm Bureau Scholarships are certainly a helping hand at a time when young people need it most.  And their commitment to agriculture is definitely worth noting.  The Farm Bureau scholarships are renewable, so young people should keep that in mind when scholarship time rolls around again.


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