Jewett Elementary Greenhouse Project

Allison Ridout (21) and Bearin Couvrette (007) offering tours inside their newly constructed Greenhouse

Kim Elmer, Fifth grade teacher at Jewett elementary in Central Point, has a concern for food supplies in this country and around the world.  Elmer is one of a growing number of people who share that concern.

But Elmer is not one to sit back and see what is going to happen.  She is taking things into her hands and bringing a group of her students with her on the trip.   While there is no requirement that students from her classes help, they are there nonetheless every Saturday to water the raised beds, weed the garden and stock the greenhouse they got with help from Southern Oreogn Greenhouse Supply.  Elmer has cultivated a class of young people that come back to visit their mentor on a regular basis because they want to learn and be a part of the solution.

The project started with plant starts from Crater High School greenhouses, both ornamental and vegetables.  They also got some seed donated.  What they were able to glean, they planted and have nurtured.  Several of their broccoli plants have already bolted, and the group, led by this year’s class of fifth graders is saving seed for next year’s crop.  Bearin Couvrette (also known as 007) and Allison Ridout (known as 21) have been leaders in organizing the new polycarbonate greenhouse.  They are planning on vertical gardening to make even greater use of their small facility by growing up rather than out.  They say that vertical gardening allows more plants to be grown than in a similar size space than with conventional methods.

Elmer and her pupils are concerned that food in the world is at a crisis.  Elmer says that natural disasters around the globe have virtually wiped out resource areas, such as the farmland in Japan that was destroyed by the earthquake and resulting tsunami.  Her young students echo those sentiments.  They have dedicated themselves to do their part to help ease any food crisis by learning, by planting and by growing food.  They also hope to encourage others to join them in their quest to green up the earth with food bearing plants and to ease what they believe is going to become a food shortage.


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