Restor task force focus on rehabilitation of land and livestock

RESTOR Task Force

Focused on Rehabilitation of the Land and Livestock Communities


Donated Emergency Hay and Transportation  


In response to the devastating wildfires across southeast Oregon, the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) established RESTOR, a task force within OCA dedicated to gathering information from impacted livestock communities, providing assistance and education, building understanding and awareness, and facilitating improvements concerning current and future wildfires in the state.


Donated Emergency Hay Delivery and Transportation Facts

  • On Wednesday, August 15, 2012 the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association will partner with many generous individuals and business to provide direct assistance to fire-affected families and the important business that make up southeast Oregon’s livestock communities.


  • Nearly 500 tons of donated hay will be delivered to seven fire-affected families and business in the Jordan Valley and Frenchglen communities.  There are reports that a typical yard mowing will create 75 pounds of clippings – 500 tons is equivalent to the clippings from 13,334 mowed laws.  Or in other terms, the donated hay will provide 50,000 meals-ready-to-eat for livestock impacted by wildfire.


  • 17 large semi-trucks have been donated to haul this emergency hay.  The current market rate for hauling hay is $30 per ton, and with each truck hauling at least 30 ton, the per truck donation amounts to $900.  Donations from the trucking community for this one day effort will exceed $15,000, 204 hours of service, and cover 5150 miles.


Help with the Effort


Charitable donations of cash or in-kind contributions (including hay, supplies, transportation, and livestock relocation options) are being accepted online, via phone, or in person at the OCA office.  To make a charitable contribution to the Fire Victims Relief Fund, or to offer in-kind or relocation assistance, please contact Kay Teisl, Executive Director of OCA, at 503-361-8941 or via email


Contributions can be made online at


For additional information, please contact:

Oregon Cattlemen’s Association



Colby Marshall

RESTOR Task Force



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