2012 State Fair

By Kristen Hanson

For the Independent

The State Fair in Salem, Oregon is definitely a great time.  It’s not stressful either because you don’t have to worry about placing high to sell high.  All you have to do is show your animal and have fun doing it.  That is what the Eagle Point FFA did when they competed at State Fair on August 22 to the 27.

Our horse team started the week off strong with four riders, Kayla Artman, Spensyr Morris, Kristen Hanson, and Megan Hanson, being the most horse riders that the Eagle Point FFA has had at State Fair.  Kayla competed in every class and got two seconds, a third, and two fourths out of eight classes.  Spensyr got a third and a Fifth place in two of her classes.  Kristen got two fourths.  And Megan got a fifth place ribbon.  Good job girls!

The day that the horses were leaving the livestock was just coming in.  We had three livestock exhibitors.  Emily Dulany showed a market goat, ewe lamb, and a market lamb and got a Reserve Grand Champion for meat goat showman.  Then we had Nick Wolf show a market goat. And Brenna Blankenship showed a breeding gilt.

Competing on August 27, the livestock judging team finished off the week.  We had two seniors, a junior, a sophomore, and even a freshman compete.  Those people are Emily Dulany, Nick Wolf, Michelle Velazquez, Brenna Blankenship, and Elle Rhode.  You guys are awesome for going out there and doing your best.  I know judging has always been hard for me.  But you guys did great.  Keep it up!

It doesn’t matter what you do at state fair, whether it’s showing horses, showing livestock, competing in judging, or many more activities you can do; all that matters is that you try your hardest and have a great time doing it.  Your there with your animal and a bunch of people that care and support you, your family and the Eagle Point FFA, so how can it not be fun?  It was definitely fun for me and I can’t wait to go again next year!


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