Eagle Point FFA report

By Kristen Hanson

            On September 19, 2012 the Eagle Point FFA Chapter had their first meeting of the year.  Just like years past we had an outstanding attendance of about 80 new and old members.  The meeting was very successful and went smoothly thanks to our new officers of the year, Clay DeVette as president, Emily Dulany as Vice President, Savannah Helton as Secretary, Nick Wolf as Treasurer, Kristen Hanson as Reporter, and Kristen Spielbusch as Sentinel, and our helpful advisors.

As always we started with Opening Ceremonies.  Then Clay DeVette introduced the officers, Nick Wolf gave the Treasurer’s report.  After that we went straight into old business.  Nick Wolf and Emily Dulany talked about the summer FFA activities, which were Leadership Camp, County Fair, Livestock Judging, and State Fair.  The concession stands that we ran for the previous football game was reported on by Bryce Thornton, Kristen Hanson talked about the District 9 auction.  Next it was the new businesses, which are just the upcoming events or important things that need to be mentioned.  Harvest Fair, which is now old business, was on September 22-23, and Emily Dulany told us when that would be.  She also informed the new members about the Career Development Events (CDE).  The FFA membership forms were handed out and Savannah Helton told us what to fill out, what needed to be done to complete the form, and when and where to turn it in, which is due by October 15.  The people who turn there membership forms in on time will be entered in a raffle for a great prize.  Lastly, Kristen Spielbusch told us about the upcoming events which were on the calendar that she had passed out.  We ended the night with a fun ice breaker activity, which we have after every meeting, to get to know the other FFA members.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the awesome dinner we provided before the meeting started too.  Overall, the first meeting of the year went well.  Let’s hope for the same for the next meeting on Monday, October 15.


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