Alarming Water Bill

There is a very dangerous water bill that will be heard on March 4 at 3:00 PM in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee. This bill is sponsored by Senator Floyd Prozanski. If passed, this will make it very difficult for a water user to get a transfer approved by WRD.


SB 425 – Requires that application to change place of use, point of diversion or use made of water be evaluated to determine whether granting of application would result in loss of in-stream habitat for native fish or native wildlife in stream reach not protected by existing in-stream water right. Prohibits granting application that would result in loss. Allows revocation of approval if change results in loss of habitat.   

Oral or written testimony on this bill would be greatly appreciated. Below is the list of Senators that serve on this committee. You can click on the names to send email your thoughts on the proposed legislation.


Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee

Jackie Dingfelder, Chair

Alan Olsen, Vice-Chair
Alan Bates
Bill Hansell
Mark Hass


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