The fickle finger of frost in the vineyard

Take some, leave some. Like my barber used to say when he started on a haircut. Frost is that way too, taking some and never touching the rest.


A late April frost showed up a couple of days later as wilted vines.  Fortunate for vineyards, there is always another bud.  that just keeps the vine from dying.  a good frost protection will help preserve the crop and make for a good vintage year.  Many of the growers in this area (the Rogue Valley)  have misting systems that prevent frost damage.  many of us small growers don’t.

Take some, leave some


As you can see, the new growth to the left has survived while on the right, the new growth has withered after being frost bit.  Often the new growth, side-by-side, one will die and the other weathers the cold.


not sure what happens in the industry, but different varieties seem to stand cold temperatures better than others.  Cabernet, a favorite in the Rogue Valley does well in the hot summer sun, but doesn’t seem to like frost very well.  most of my grapes are cabernet, but I also grow some Concord, Merlot, Pinot Noir and some assorted white table grapes.  the Concord come on sooner but they also seem to tolerate the cold better.  my cabernet, merlot and pinot noir all got bit by the frost bug.


Pay Day


Pay Day


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