Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo

Central Point Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo

This ain't your average Sunday drive

Some of the world’s best rodeo professionals were in the spotlight this past weekend during the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo at The Expo in Central Point, OR. These nationally and world ranked riders put on an action-packed show for rodeo fans as they competed for world-ranking points and a chance at over $70,000 in prize money.

Steven Peebles from Redmond, OR, took home the All Around Cowboy title with a first place finish in Bareback Riding and a sixth place finish in Team Roping with Sam Willis. Former World Champion bareback rider Bobby Mote from Culver, OR took home second place in bareback riding, and inched closer to the second place spot in the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) world rankings.

Home to the only 100 point bull ride in rodeo history, the Central Point Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo has become a top event in the PRCA rodeo circuit for professional riders and ropers hoping to take home prize money and add valuable points to their world rankings. Gaining in popularity each year, ticket sales for this year’s rodeo were significantly up from last year.

Expo Director Dave Koellermeier said, “The rodeo has big fans in the Rogue Valley and professionals know that it’s one of the most welcoming places to perform. That’s why we attract so many of the world’s best cowboys each year.”

Fans were treated to rodeo calls by the legendary announcer Will Rasmussen and entertained by Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Clown JJ Harrison. In addition to heart-stopping performances in bull riding, saddle-bronc and bareback riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, tie-down roping and and team roping, fans gave a warm welcome to the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo’s reigning Queen Sabra Straw and Princess Kelsi Dufour.

Kids were big participants during intermission, racing barefoot for an opportunity to win a pair of boots from Big R and hanging onto sheep for the opportunity to be the night’s “Mutton Bustin’” champion. Adults enjoyed after-party music and dancing along with rodeo performers at the Rogue Saloon each night following rodeo performances.

Final participant rankings and prize money are as follows:

All-around cowboy: Steven Peebles, $2,907, bareback riding and team roping.

Bareback riding: 1. Steven Peebles, 81 points on Four Star Rodeo Co.’s Devils Dream, $2,024; 2. Bobby Mote, 80, $1,551; 3. (tie) Brian Bain, Austin Foss and Nick Gutzwiler, 78, $787 each; 6. David Peebles, 77, $337; 7. (tie) J.R. Vezain, Wyatt Bloom, George Gillespie IV and Caleb Bennett, 76, $118 each.

Bobby Mote got a re-ride when this horse went to the ground during his ride

Steer wrestling: 1. Sterling Lambert, 4.1 seconds, $1,988; 2. Andy Weldon, 4.3, $1,729; 3. (tie) Zack Justesen and Jake Rinehart, 4.5, $1,340 each; 5. Jeremy Garner, 4.6, $951; 6. Ethen Thouvenell, 4.7, $692; 7. Trevor Knowles, 4.8, $432; 8. Wyatt Smith, 4.9, $173.

Team roping: 1. Riley Minor/Brady Minor, 4.8 seconds, $2,540 each; 2. Brady Tryan/Cody Doescher, 5.0, $2,209; 3. Zayne Dishion/Jade Corkill, 5.9, $1,877; 4. C.R. Wilken/Russell Cardoza, 6.5, $1,546; 5. Jack Fischer/Andy Carlson, 11.0, $1,215; 6. Sam Willis/Steven Peebles, 11.2, $884; 7. Chris McKoen/Daniel Holland, 12.1, $552; 8. Walt Rodman/Joseph Shawnego, 16.4, $221.

Saddle bronc riding: 1. (tie) Ben Londo on Corey & Lange Rodeo Co.’s Special Delivery and Bryan Martinat on Corey & Lange Rodeo Co.’s Special Delivery, 81 points, $1,944 each; 3. (tie) Jesse Kruse and Tab Hildreth, 79, $1,027 each; 5. Ryan MacKenzie, 77, $513; 6. Chase Bennett, 74, $367; 7. Landon Mecham, 73, $293; 8. (tie) Ad Bugenig and Joaquin Real, 72, $110 each.

Tie-down roping: 1. (tie) Jake Echevarria and Chant DeForest, 9.2 seconds, $1,654 each; 3. J. Cody Jones, 9.8, $1,308; 4. Mike Johnson, 10.2, $1,077; 5. Shane Erickson, 10.4, $846; 6. Chase Richter, 10.5, $616; 7. Andy Steffen, 10.7, $385; 8. Cody Saculla, 11.6, $154.

Barrel racing: 1. Christina Richman, 13.71 seconds, $1,913; 2. Trula Churchill, 13.79, $1,640; 3. Nicole Riggle, 13.82, $1,367; 4. Nicole Aichele, 13.84, $1,184; 5. Jody Sheffield, 13.85, $911; 6. Jandee Smart, 13.90, $729; 7. Brenda Mays, 13.93, $547; 8. Callahan Crossley, 13.99, $364; 9. Kym LaRoche, 14.00, $273; 10. Leslie Penhollow, 14.04, $182.

On the Way to the office

Bull riding: 1. Shawn Proctor, 86 points on Corey & Lange Rodeo Co.’s No. 914, $2,736; 2. Dallee Mason, 81, $2,098; 3. Steve Woolsey, 80, $1,550; 4. (tie) Joe Meling and Dylan Vick, 78, $821 each; 6. Kyle Joslin, 60, $456.



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