Can you tell about a person by the art they hang on the walls of their home?  Some time back we decided to support local artists rather than some people we don’t know.  this is the work of some of their work.

this is a pencil drawing by Wayne Millard of Eagle Point. this piece caught my eye nearly a year ago and I finally added it to my collection.


Ed Chance of Gold Hill was commissioned to paint the sacred white buffalo. I would call the painting Yellowstone winter.


Famous artist Carl Seiboldt is an Eagle Point resident and a friend. most of his art work involves rural settings, often with Indians and meny will include a stage coach


Kim Ragsdale of Medford is an extremely talented pencil artist. This gentleman, leaning on a shovel handle and smoking a cigarete was an old family friend.


This one is title "butts and boots." it wasn't the picture we wanted, but is still one of our favorites.


I’ve often said you can tell about a person by the books on their shelves, can you tell about a person by the art they hang in their home?


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