A place for the bees

A place for the bees


A few years ago, we planted drought resistant plants in a flower bed and when it matured, we had bees coming to visit all summer long.  so far, I counted three varieties of bees, and a host of other flying critters that love to visit.


many years ago, a neighbor took me out amongst his hives and it was fascinating.  shortly after that, I grew some buckwheat as a green manure crop in my garden.  My intent was to plow it under just as it started to bloom.  but when I saw the bees buzzing around, I left it and would frequently stand in the middle of the patch, just watching the bees.  they worked diligently and paid little attention to me.


Since that time, I have found watching been to be one of the more relaxing things.  they are simply fascinating creatures and very important to pollinating many of our fruits and vegetables.


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