How does the garden grow?

the tower garden on the afternoon of September 21.


Lettuce, chard, cukes, broccoli, tomatoes growing well in the garden inside the greenhouse.  I had to add water one time to keep the level up, but we have had days nearing 100 degrees.


as you can see, the lettuce is nearly ready to pick and should provide greens for quite a while.


there are four of the little batches lettuce growing at the top of the tower.  because we have such hot weather here in the Rogue Valley, I have never had very good luck with lettuce, unless you consider growing lettuce that bolts so quickly that it never produces for the table.


you may have noticed that I planted too many vine crops, but this is my first try and as such, is an experiment.


it’s hard to judge how much you are going to need of a particular vegetable or fruit, so we’ll stumble our way through and make adjustments as they become necessary.


the chard will be ready to harvest within a week.


Like I said, this is an experiment.  chard is very prolific, so it should provide greens for quite a while.


this is the main reason for the tower, the tomatoes. having tomatoes duirng the colder months appeals to most folks.


A friend was in the greenhouse this morning and he ramarked how clean and healthy the plants look.  that is very noticeable.  the instructions say that once the veggies are done, and the plants are removed, it’s an easy cleanup to get ready for the next batch.


broccoli is a little slower starting than the other plants.


We’re about three weeks into growing these veggies and I’m impressed with the rapid growth.  Salad greens in just over a month, that ain’t bad.


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