Hay King contest November 16 in Central Point

The Oregon Hay and Forage Association in cooperation with Oregon State University Extension Service and Oregon State University Agricultural Experiment Station is sponsoring the 2013 Oregon Hay King Contest which will be held on Saturday, November 16that the Jackson County Expo Center  in Central Point, Oregon. The 2013 contest will be hosted by the South West Oregon Hay Growers’ Association.  Bale Delivery is 7:00-8:45 am and judging starts at 9:00 am and will conclude at 4:00 pm or earlier.  There will be complimentary donuts and coffee in the morning and lunch with be available.

The Hay King contest is an annual event where hay growers can not only show off their hay, but network with other growers, exchange ideas, and just celebrate the end of another year’s harvest.  The 7 hay classes to be judged will include:

1.dairy alfalfa   2.retail alfalfa  3.grass  4.grass/legume mix  5.cereal   6.cereal/legume (pea or vetch) mix 7. timothy

Entry forms, hay samples, and checks need be received by Thursday, October 31st, to the Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center.   On November 16th, show up at Jackson County Expo Center with a bale from the stack you core-sampled earlier and watch the judges feel, smell and paw through everyone’s hay. It is a very educational day. The bales are judged and awarded points based on quality testing (RFQ) score) and sensory evaluation.

The quality testing will be predicted by NIRS at the Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center.  Hay quality parameters quantified will include crude protein, ADF, NDF, TDN, RFV, RFQ, ash, dNDF, NDFD and many more quality indicators.  The RFQ nutrient analysis scores are combined with the sensory scores, to name a winner in each category.  So enter one or more classes and be the next Hay King for a year.

Send hay core samples, entry form, and $25 per entry to Hay King Contest c/o Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center, 6941 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls, OR 97603-9365.  Checks should be made out to Oregon Hay and Forage Association.  All sizes of bales are eligible for competition.

Hay King Contest Rules

1.     All contestants must enter a cored sample of their hay entry by the October 31st deadline.  The cored samples should be sent directly to the contest Lab.  The entry fee for each sample is $25 for OHFA members and non-members.  Checks should be made out to the Oregon Hay and Forage Association and must be turned in with the cored hay samples and entry registration form.  Additionally, one bale, of each class of hay entered, must be in place at the contest location by 9 am, November 16th.

2.     Cored hay samples must be a representative sample of the entire lot of hay.  This means that:

a.      Multiple cored sub-samples (20) must be taken to make up your sample, rather than an entire flake, or a portion of a flake.

b.     The inside diameter of the coring device must be no less than 3/8- inches (if you don’t have a coring device, contact your Extension office).  Note the type & size of sampling device on your entry form.

c.      A minimum of 20 bales must be sampled at random from each lot of hay (a lot is hay from the same cutting, variety, field, stage of maturity, and harvested within the same day).  A lot should not exceed 200 tons of hay, or be less than 30 tons.

d.     When sampling, probe the bale near the center, at least 12 to 18 inches into the butt end of the bale.  The probe should enter horizontally at a right angle to the surface of the end of the bale.   Be sure the probe doesn’t slant up, down, or sideways.

e.      Combine core samples for each class entry into a single sample by combining them into a sealed freezer bag.  Samples submitted with less than a quart bag full of sample may be rejected.  (This equates to a minimum of about 200 grams or ½ lb or greater of sample material, if sampled properly)  Do not ever try to subdivide the sample!  It is impossible to subdivide the sample until it is ground.  Even if you have too much, send the whole sample.

3.     If there is not a minimum of 2 entries in a class of hay, the classes may not be judged, this will be at the OHFA board’s discretion.  The submitter will be informed prior to the contest.

Web site for the Oregon Hay and Forage Association is: http://www.oregonhaygrowers.com/.  Contact for the Hay King Contest is Mylen Bohle at 541-447-6228,

Mylen Bohle

2013 Hay King Contest Entry Form

Entries Due October 31, 2013


Please include this entry form with your hay sample and entry fee.


Checks should be made payable to: Oregon Hay and Forage Association

Entry Fees:     Member– $25 Per Entry        Non-Member – $25 Per Entry

Samples entered without entry fee & entry form will not be accepted!




Phone #_______________________________






Town: ______________________ State: _________________________



Core Device Used________________________________________


Inside Diameter Core Size_____________   Core Tip Size __________

Entry #


Hay Species  / Type            
Variety (if Known)            


Cutting Date


Bale Size


Tons in Lot



Hay Species & Types (choose from the designations below to complete

the first column above for each entry)

*Dairy Alfalfa –          *Retail Alfalfa –          Grass/Legume mix –                Grass   –           Cereal –

Cereal/Legume (pea or vetch) –           Timothy


Mail Entries to:           2013 Oregon Hay King Contest

C/O Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center

6941 Washburn Way

Klamath Falls, OR 97603


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