I have to admit . . .

it is a different time of year for the squash and cukes to be blooming, but a visit to the greenhouse early this morning showed that some have already bloomed and others are ready.

I know they call these summer squash, but they seem to be doing just as good in my gereenhouse while the rest of the plants in the garden have been decimated by frost.


those that were growing in the garden aren’t doing so well.


this zucchini plant is not what you would call "cold hardy."


I keep a light on in the greenhouse to provide some warmth to the plants, and I’m told that there are small heating units that will go into the tank of the tower garden that will keep everything from freezing.  the plants have done fairly well with the warm days we’ve had recently.


the lettuce has been harvested several times, the broccoli looks as healthy as any I've grown.


it’s too bad there aren’t more months of October during the year.  warm sunny days and cool nights, football and world series, especially now that the Red Sox have made it back to the big time.

Garden salads from this tower are excellent, tender and sweet lettuce, and I throw in some of the chard growing in the tower. The chard I’ve grown outdoors is much tougher.


the chard is prolific and adds to the salads

besides being fun to watch while everything is growing, this tower provides great meals with little maintenance.  those of you who know me, know that I have to spend a large amount of time working at the paper (The Upper Rogue Independent) and that leaves me less time to work in a garden.  the tower is easy and doesn’t consume all my time weeding and watering.  the produce is clean from day one, and maintenance is a lot less than pulling hoses around to water everything.


the artichoke is a garden favorite for me.


at the end of each year, I let these big thistles go to seed.  on non-windy days, you can see the seeds around the base of the plant.  when the wind blows, they cut a wider path.


wind-blown seeds can travel large distances, depending on the winds. the little seed is connected to each of the thistles that comes from the plant.


the produce is not the only reason I like October, the colors, such as this burning bush are brilliantly colored, making for many spectacular photos.




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