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With the expiration of the current farm bill at midnight on Monday, there is no authority for funding the Market Access Program or the Foreign Market Development Program. There also will be no new enrollments in the Conservation Reserve Program and the Wetlands Reserve Program. The Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program will be closed until a new farm bill or extension is passed.

The most significant ramifications of the expiration of the farm bill will not occur until about Jan. 1, when USDA would be required to start taking steps under permanent law to increase prices for milk and some commodity prices.

Over the weekend, the House approved a bill that combines the earlier House-passed farm bill (H.R. 2642) and last week’s House-passed nutrition bill (H.R. 3102). The “combined” farm bill/nutrition bill will be sent to the Senate for approval and re-appointment of conferees, although the timing of progress is uncertain due to the government shutdown.

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