Time to check in at the fall garden

those that have been following the hydroponic garden, remember that it was planted about a month ago.  since then, it has been moved to the greenhouse and is doing well.  we continue to harvest lettuce and also use the chard greens in salads.

the tower garden on Saturday, October 5


the framework around the tower is the tomato cage, to keep the tomatoes supported and up off the tank, visible at the bottom.  the small hatch you see at the bottom right of the tank is where water and nutrients are introduced.


the lettuce continues to grow


grown this way, the lettuce is tender as any I’ve ever grown and tasty.  we try to eat several salads each week, frequently making a meal of greens and small amounts of meat.  harvesting is a snap, simply grab a handful and cut with a kitchen shears between your hand and the tower.  I tried pulling individual leaves, but the shears method is quicker and much simpler.


there are three chard plants growing in the tower.

in total, I planted five tomatoes, three squash, two cukes, four lettuce three chard and one leek.  now that I’ve had a little more time to think of it, I would keep the five tomatoes, reduce the squash to one, leave the cukes as tow, plant more lettuce and chard and perhaps grow some onions.

the squash will be flowering soon.


we’ll have to see a pollination, there are no bees in the greenhouse. but, as you can see, the flower buds are beginning to pop out everywhere.


the token leek

Next time around, there will be more of these.  leeks have great flavor and go well with lots of other foods.


cukes are looking good.


Haven’t had much luck growing cukes since I move my garden spot, but these look pretty healthy.  tomatoes can be seen at the left of the picture, they seem to be looking pretty good too.

my first attempt at Oak Leaf Lettuce.


the tower is impressive and I am sold on the hydroponic method.  there are other systems around, some hydroponic and some using other methods.  while i would like to have another of these towers, I might give another one a try too..



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