Update on the tower garden

I can’t help taking a peek inside the greenhouse every now and then to see how my produce is growing in the Tower Garden.  Our hot days have increased the usage of water, and the tank was down quite a ways from when I last checked.  but the good news is that everything is growing unbelievably fast.  I have zucchini ready to harvest and  more are coming on.  the cukes are blossoming, as their vines begin climbing the tomato trellis on the outside of the tower.


the Tower Garden inside the greenhouse.


you can see the cuke blossom at the center right of the tower.  Tomatoes are also blooming, and near the top of the tower you might catch a glimpse of the squash blossoms.


this is the fate of the zucchini planted in the raised bed in the garden.


frost got the plants in the garden some time ago, but the greenhouse is warm enough that the zucchini are ready to pick.    you might notice that I made a blunder by planting some of the larger plants near the top of the tower. they should be relegated to the bottom pockets where they don’t have a tendency to block the light from the other plants.


zucchini hiding behind the blossoms. this will make a great addition to dinner tonight.


it’s a great feeling having fresh produce growing  at this time of year.


Tomato blooming on the tower.


Won’t be too much longer and there will be fresh tomatoes for the salad.  A friend has a greenhouse at 2500-foot elevation and can grow tomatoes all year long.  I visited in February a couple of years ago and tomatoes were everywhere.  Tomatoes and salad greens growing during the cold winter months at higher elevation, not bad.

This hydroponic system might not be for everyone, but for me it works.  it works because I don’t have time for all the tilling, weeding and watering.  Have I made mistakes?  sure.  I should have planted the large, viney things at the bottom and left the top pockets for smaller, more delicate things like the lettuce.  in the future, I plan on getting another tower, one for the viney plants and one for the smaller more delicate plants.  in the meantime, I will just enjoy the crisp lettuce, fresh zucchini and excellent chard.




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