My zucchini bloomed this morning, for that matter, so did my tomato plants.  nothing remarkable about that, except that the temperature outside is in the range of the low 20s.

zucchini blooming on November 25

this plant is in my Tower garden, and it stood a good chance of being severely frosted when a week ago, I moved it from the greenhouse to the inside of my house.  Several of the plants did get frostbit and will have to be replaced.  My only heatsource in the greenhouse is a heat lamp, but it is not enough so I drug the garden inside.  the broccoli was drooping at a 90 degree angle, but has since righted itself. Tomato plants were hit hard, but some did survive and are beginning to look well now.  they are blooming and we should have tomatoes before long.

cukes are tropical plants too


behind this cuke you can see one of the dead leaves of another plant that doesn’t like freezing temperatures.  what didn’t survive can be replanted and should do well with constant temperatures inside the house.


the lettuce survived with no problem, the broccoli took a hit, but is recovering.  there is one of the pockets planted with a leek, but they are not generally bothered by the freeze.  by the way, it was 18 degrees the morning after I brought the tower inside, that would have finished most everything.

broccoli reaching for the sky.  some of the brown and wilting leaves of the frosted plants are visible near the bottom of the photo.


the only plant left in the greenhouse is a lemon tree that is heated by the lamp.  early next year, the greenhouse is going to be renovated to prevent heat loss during cold winter nights.

while the cukes and squash are regaining strength, the lettuce and chard continue to grow and become a part of our salads.


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