Let’s print the labels

Let the printing begin


It is my firm belief that industry giants, like Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Syngenta should label their crops.  Now don’t get me wrong on this, but they have resisted labeling up to this point as being too expensive.  I don’t believe this, but I do have a concern for them not labeling.

I believe all GMO crops should be labeled, not because they are potentially harmful, but just the opposite.  GMO foods are the only ones that have been tested and proven to be harmless.  Your conventionally produced foods are not tested, your organic foods have been through no testing, only GMO.  And it has not been just a test by a random group of long-haired whackos in some obscure lab, but by the finest labs in the United States.  Yes, that research is funded by those major ag producers, in 700 peer-reviewed test labs around the country.  Get that, peer reviewed. And don’t think those giant seed producers want to cover something up, they are forking out $80 to $100 million on each of the tests.

See, I think GMO foods should be labeled to give consumers a chance to eat tested foods that are safe, they should not have to gamble on organic or conventional foods that are not tested at all.

Another note about organic foods.  Tests have shown no increased nutrition or safety from chemicals; they simply cost more.

Most people have come to think that organic means no chemicals, that it means “pristine.”  Well, that is very far from the truth.  I know of one organic farmer who uses human urine as fertilizer on crops.  Not saying they all do it, but I don’t relish biting into a green bean fertilized in such manner.

But back to the labeling.  Monsanto should label to allow customers the ability to purchase foods that are proven safe.  We don’t have to do like in the old days where the king employed a “food taster” to see if poison is present on our foods.

Just another note.  Ever wonder where bee keepers have their bees at this time of year?  Down in California almond orchards where they are picking up all kinds of pollen from GMO side dishes.  When they are done there, they bring that pollen back with them, and start the cycle all over by contaminating local crops.  Likewise, waterfowl, migrating north and south bring seeds from other counties and states to begin a new life cycle in their droppings here in the Rogue Valley.


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