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OFB & Oregon’s ag community rally against crop ban

[OFB Note: Thank you to OFB President Barry Bushue, 1st VP Tracey Liskey (pictured at right), staffer Ian Tolleson, and Jackson County Farm Bureau President Ron Bjork and for attending this rally and standing up for farmers’ and ranchers’ right to farm.]

Upper Rogue Independent, by Beverly McKechnie

MEDFORD, Ore. – Major agricultural organizations representing farmers and ranchers across Oregon and in Jackson County today announced their opposition to Measure 15-119, Jackson County’s proposed crop ban. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Seed Council, Oregon Wheat Growers League, and Oregon Women for Agriculture joined together to call on Jackson County voters to vote NO on the measure.

Oregon Farm Bureau: “Our organizations are coming together to speak in unison about the Jackson County crop ban’s threat to farmers, not just in Jackson County, but across the state,” said Barry Bushue, President of the Oregon Farm Bureau. “Measure 15-119 is an assault on the rights of Jackson County farmers and ranchers to grow legally approved crops, leaves them vulnerable to intrusive government inspections, and opens them to frivolous lawsuits. We can’t stand by and watch fellow farmers lose their rights.”

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