Hay growers association meeting September 24

to me

Hi everyone……just a heads up….the fall Oregon Hay and Forage Growers meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, September 24, 10 am at the Klamath Extension Office, south end of Washburn Way, Klamath Falls, Oregon. (Rich ….is the room reserved?)

If Klamath Falls is too far to travel please consider attending the meeting by Polycom……that means you Mark Butterfield (LOL) and you Bill Buhrig and others that  live in the northern and eastern parts of the state.   We would love to have your input  at these meetings!!!!!! Not just board members can come ….all members are welcome to attend!!!!!  Get a car load together and make a day trip out of it! Hope to see a room full at this meeting!!!!!!   Mary
Here is info on Polycoms:
Polycoms Make Attending OHFA State Board Meetings Easy

Mylen Bohle, with the Central Oregon OSU Extension Service, has been trying to figure out how more board members from other distant affiliates (depending upon who is hosting the board meeting) could / would participate in the state board meetings via Polycoms.  They are available in each region by contacting your local extension service.  With the Polycoms, we can see and hear you, and you can see and hear us. They are easy to connect up. The Polycoms would allow any affiliate president and board members, and any other interested OHFA members to participate, when a particular state board meeting is too far away to travel to because of time and expense.  As long the Polycom room is available and reserved ahead of time in an affiliate’s county Extension office, then every affiliate should be able to attend the meetings.

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