2014 09 28_1932 2014 09 28_1934 2014 09 28_1937The list of accomplishments of Roger and Hazel Ellefson on behalf the Eagle Point irrigation District is long, to say the least. Among that list is the purchase of property for the new office, the purchase of the Hydro plant, defending irrigator’s interests and keeping track of all the business of the District.

Patrons of the District honored the Ellefsons with a potluck dinner on September 28; about 75 patrons and friends attended the function. Emcee Leon Sherman opened the afternoon with a few stories about his relationship with the Ellefsons, Board members Gary Bedell, Stan Deupree and J. B. Dimick followed with more stories as each tried to top the previous speaker.

Following the presentation, Hazel was asked to comment and her immortal words were: “Thank you.”

Patrons brought enough food to feed half the starving world and enough deserts to give the largest dinosaur a really serious sugar-high.

Following their retirement from Eagle Point Irrigation District, the Ellefsons served approximately two years as consultants, offering advice to keep the system running smoothly. They have now completely retired and no longer serve the District. A plaque will be placed at the front of the office building on Brophy Road, commemorating their contributions to the District over the past 40 years.


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