Easy pumpkin seed removal

I’ve never

2014 11 17_2091

pumpkin seeds

I’ve never tried saving seeds for food before but decided to try some this year.  After cutting into a pumpkin, I scooped them out and spent hours washing time before placing them on a baking sheet  and waiting days for them to dry.  they were turned daily until finally dry, and they were then rubbed between my hands until all the duff was loosened and then it was blown away,.  It was a long process and tied up counter space during the process.

this last time, I changed things up a bit by placing the seeds with all the dross on them into my food dehydrator and set with the fan blowing for several hours on low heat.  it worked, they dried within a few hours.  I did turn them once to make sure they were dry.  the chaff comes off easily and is then blown off with a slight breeze.

2014 11 17_2094

a closer look at the dried seeds.

the pumpkin comes off easily by rubbing a handful of seeds between the hands.  with very little work, the seeds are ready to be baked in the oven.

2014 11 17_2092seeds stick together but break apart easily when rubbed between the fingers.


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