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The Oregon Department of Agriculture has lifted restrictions in Douglas County related to highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). There have been no new detections of HPAI in the county since the original incident in December affecting a flock of backyard birds in Winston. As a result of ODA’s action, the movement of poultry and poultry products is now allowed within the county.Meanwhile, a quarantine placed by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture following the detection of HPAI in a private, non-commercial flock in Canyon County, Idaho encompasses a small portion of Malheur County, Oregon along the Snake River. A map detailing the specific boundaries of the quarantine is available at <http://tinyurl.com/nusb44z>. Movement of poultry and poultry products into or out of the Oregon portion affected by the quarantine may be allowed only under a permit obtained by calling ODA at 1-800-347-7028.With recent detections of HPAI reported in neighboring states of Washington and Idaho, Oregon’s multi-agency response plan remains in effect. Enhanced surveillance along with increased outreach and education to backyard bird owners continue despite no new confirmed detections of the high path virus in either domestic or wild birds in Oregon since the January 14 discovery of H5N2 avian influenza in a mallard harvested by a hunter at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area near Eugene. The only other Oregon detection of HPAI (H5N8) was in the backyard bird flock in Douglas County on December 19, 2014.Oregonians are reminded that the HPAI virus strains currently detected in Oregon and the other states represent low risk to public health. The virus has not been detected in commercial poultry operations in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho. Avian influenza does not affect poultry meat or egg products, which remain safe to eat. As always, both wild and domestic poultry should be properly cooked.Avian influenza naturally resides in wild birds and it is fairly common for waterfowl to carry various strains of the virus. This time of year, migratory waterbirds (ducks, geese, shorebirds) are on wintering areas throughout the Pacific Flyway, which extends from Alaska to South America.As a result of the HPAI findings to date, some countries have placed restrictions on US poultry exports, including exports of poultry and poultry products from the states of Oregon and/or Washington and, in a few instances, bans on all US poultry and poultry products.An incident management team deployed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) continues to support efforts in the Pacific Northwest to respond to the incidents. State and federal agencies are conducting outreach aimed at backyard bird owners encouraging them to practice good biosecurity measures to reduce the risk of spreading the disease by preventing contact between their birds and wild birds. Backyard bird owners are also urged to monitor their flock closely and report sick or dead birds.USDA’s presence is designed to assure US trade partners that the disease is not a threat to commercial poultry exports. Surveillance for avian influenza is also ongoing in commercial poultry operations, live bird markets, and in migratory wild bird populations in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), USDA-Wildlife Services, the US Geological Survey, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.Backyard bird owners should monitor their flock closely and report sick or dead birds to ODA at 1-800-347-7028 or USDA at 1-866-536-7593. ODFW is asking people to report wild bird deaths by calling 1-866-968-2600. People should avoid contact with sick or dead wild and domestic birds.

via FW: ODA News Release: Avian influenza restrictions lifted in Douglas County – soregonag@gmail.com – Gmail.


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