tomato seedlings sprouting

seed starter inside the greenhouse

seed starter inside the greenhouse

last weekend I placed some seeds inside this little seed starter in my greenhouse.  The first of February always seems to be the correct time to start tomato plants, giving them time to grow and begin to mature before they get set out into the garden.

I placed seeds for Brandywine variety and they have begun to sprout in the rockwool starter cubes.  these cubes work just about as well as any I’ve used.  To me they are much better than the peat pots.  I do have some of the cow pots, but they ar emuch too large for the small seeds.

here it is now, just six days later and there are two of the seeds that have sprouted and are reaching for the sky.

2015 02 07_4130 The seedling in the back right is clearly visible, the rock wool starter cell in the foreground also has a seedling poking up, and it should be standing in a short time.

It has been so warm, they sprouted quickly.  let’s hope we don’t have a really cold snap before spring.  I plan on starting some tomatoes every two or three weeks for a while so insure plants at different levels of maturity during the summer.  We  had an excellent crop last year, and hope for the same this year.



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