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2015 02 01_3882

Bok Choy in the greenhouse

it has been so warm in the greenhouse, the Bok Choy has decided to bolt.  at the same time, the Broccoli decided to start flowering too.  Well, when you are dealt lemons, it’s time to make lemonade.  so I cut the tops of the broccoli only because I have plenty of seed and allow the bok choy flower and go to seed.  Last winter they froze out for lack of heat, this winter, they provide seed.  I did get plenty of bok choy befire they bolted, and I still have some growing in a raised bed in the garden.  the chard is doing well in the greenhouse, and provides plenty of greens in addition to the broccoli leaves. 

seed starter inside the greenhouse

seed starter inside the greenhouse

It’s that time of year again, so yesterday, I put some brandywine seed in this little seed starter and they should be up within a week.  February 1st seems about the right time to get those seedlings started so they can go out after the last threat of frost.  I plan on staggering the starting times of tomatoes this year to give me plenty of fruit all summer.

Last year, the tomatoes lasted into October, which gave a really long growing season and provided us with plenty of the fruit.

because it was a mild year, zucchini lasted well into November, had they been covered, they would have been producing fruit into December.  I have  a plan for that this year.


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