Dinner ideas for our potluck?

Hi all!

I have ended up double booked for Tuesday, April 14th is also the day of District Floriculture. I had it recorded as starting at 1:00, which it usually does, but found out it wont start until 3:30 so there is no way for me to make it back in time for our meeting. I don’t have a lot of students interested in it this year, and we might just scrap it all together if we can’t pull a full team together.

Is anyone opposed to moving the meeting to Monday, April 13th? We could still meet at 5:30 to start the discussion on things to do for the dinner and auction committee, take a little dinner break and have the actual meeting start around 6:30. What are all of your thoughts?

Dinner ideas for our potluck?

Meghan Biggs
Agricultural Science & Technology
Henley High School


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