Jackson County Stockmen’s Association of March 11 meeting

Jackson County Stockmen’s Association
March 11th, 2015 Monthly Meeting
Black Bear Diner
Medford, Oregon
I. Called to order by President Bob Damon @ 7:00pm
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Reading of minutes dismissed
IV. Treasurer’s Report Dismissed due to the absence of Jeremy Kennedy
V. Old Business:
• By Laws-Copy of proposed changes handed out
I. Reviewed the changes of the by-laws, Bob Damon pointed out the proposed changes
II. Trying to get the board of directors to be more manageable
III. Added duties and nominating committee to the by-laws
• Producer work day report
I. Never officially met
II. Glen talked to K Bar Ranch, they said we could use their facility 2X/year and they seemed excited about the idea
III. Leslie Richardson was receptive to being there and wouldn’t charge a farm call
IV. We need to get the advertising going for it
V. People would be able to sign up for Cattleman’s at the location
VI. Still working on the logistics (Dates, help, advertising, etc.)
VII. Would owners give their own shots or sign release form?
VIII. Recommended to have information sheets on what to give and do with cattle at what time of year
IX. Still need to decide on what to offer (Trich, etc.)
X. Trying to get a spring work day going (May?)

• NFR Raffle.
I. Paperwork submitted for license
II. Printing Co donated flyers and half of the tickets
• Heritage Night
I. Patsy Edwards is Interviewing the families and John Edwards is photographing them
II. Interview will have a format for future years
III. Cattlewomen suggested having food (snacks), Beer has been donated and wine will be arranged
IV. We have enough funds for the event
V. There will be books made of the families (one for the family members and one for the organization)
VI. Bob suggested creating a booth for the beef barn and would like to see if someone would be interested in running it and being there with it (Melissa suggested that it might be able to be linked in the with fair activity TV for advertising)
VII. Will be discussed more at next meeting
• There are no suggestions for different meeting place other than Black Bear Diner
• Pie Social
I. It will be held on July 10th @ Anderson Ranch at 5pm
II. The belt buckle will be presented to Denny Jones
III. Bring a pie and your choice of beverage
• Website
I. A mock website is being worked on and it will be a presented to the officers when it is ready
New Business
• June Meeting
I. Melissa 1st, Glen 2nd passed that we do need a June meeting to discuss NFR Raffle and Heritage night
II. There will be a picnic at the Fisher house on June 12th @ 6pm. Hamburgers will be provided, everyone is asked to bring a side dish and their chose of beverage. Glen 1st, Marilynn 2nd passed.
III. Glen and Robby have been appointed the committee to organize
• State Quarterly Meeting-John attended
I. The OCA office has moved to a better location. They are in the same building as Linn County, Farm Bureau, etc.
II. There were approx. 70 people that attended the meeting
III. There is a movement being investigated about the cattle Ind. donating another dollar. It would be collected by the brand inspector and would be sent out to ODA to be divvied out to the individual counties that would then decide what organization they would like it to go to (water, etc). There will be a place holder bill held if the committee decides to move forward with the dollar.
• John Presented Legislature report
I. Low carbon fuel standard was passed and will require carbon to be removed from fuel
1. The bill came out with a 2 vote difference, the ag community believes we have an un-informed legislature that was never aware of how this bill effects agriculture
2. There is an effort to try and change the mode so that the legislature and agriculture can work together
3. We need more bodies involved, it is believed that the environmentalists have 40X the bodies that we do involved in these type of issues
II. Bob attended a chamber of commerce meeting and found out that there will be a bus going to visit with the legislature (is anyone interested in going?)
III. Dalton talked about when getting the beef council to increase by .50 and the legislatures #1 complaint was that we did not donate or do enough for research of the industry. They decided to donate .10 out of the .50 to OSU research. They had to completely change the law in order to get the increase. He believes it will be very difficult to get the increase.
• Ranch Rodeo has no report
• Fundraising committee
I. Annual picnic, we are trying to get the auction bigger. Asking the stockmen to gather items/ money for kids baskets
II. Cattlewomen are asking/ trying to get 2 baskets/ woman
III. The income from the auction goes the scholarship funds
IV. The proceeds for this event go to the cattlewomen and the proceeds for the annual auction dinner go to the stockmen.
V. Would like to collect enough toys or money to make 5-6 kids baskets
• Wolf committee didn’t meet
I. Nash is coming in May to give a presentation
II. Melissa suggested having County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal and the Sherriff come to the presentation
III. Dalton talked to the Salem journal about wolves and will have a story coming out
• Cattlewomen
I. Discussed fundraising, pie social, and Hands on Ag day which is May 7th and 8th
II. Would like to invite stockman to meetings that are the first Monday of the month. The next one will be at Wild River pizza (dinner @6pm and meeting @7pm)
• Is there any interest in a spring feeder sale?
I. It would give people another option
II. Can we get Shasta’s support with this?
• Funding request
I. Hands on Ag day is requesting $500.00 (Becky 1st, Glen 2nd passed)
II. OR FFA Beef Placement Sufficiency Award is $175.00 (Melissa 1st, Robby 2nd passed)
• Ralph McKeckny is receiving the Honorary State Farmer Degree
• Bob asked who doesn’t have e-mail
I. Got a list and added a few
II. We need to make sure we get people notified about the new e-mail by-law.
III. Doreen is getting together community contact list
• Making county dues on top of state
I. This is a budget committee decision
• By laws
I. Suggested that it is given more time to discuss, look over and decide on by-laws before it is made final
II. Questions is regards to the board of directors and officers, we need clarification on this?
III. New by-laws changed the wording to “cattleman” being the only voting members. There is a discrepancy on if it shouldn’t be worded different to include all livestock owners?
1. The state by-laws are set up to where associate members have a vote (trade showers, hay farmers, etc.)
2. This will be discussed further and be figured out @ the next meeting
• The April meeting will be moved due to the president and multiple members not being able to attend. The meeting will now be held April 9th @6pm at the Black Bear Diner in Medford, OR.
• Meeting adjourned @ 8:42pm

Minutes recorded by temp secretary Hayley Ross


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