HB 3549–Pesticide Package

HB 3549–Pesticide Package

On Thursday, May 21, the House Committee on Rules will hold a hearing on HB 3549. Click here for a copy of the bill. We need farmers to come and testify!

HB 3549, the product of the pesticides work group, is scheduled for a hearing in the House Rules Committee this Thursday. After weeks of meetings, the work group found agreement around several concepts. Those are reflected in HB 3549. Anti-pesticide groups are ramping up their efforts to get additional pesticide use restrictions into the bill. It is crucial that legislators hear from you about this bill!

Please write your legislators and the members of the Rules Committee and urge them to vote YES on HB 3549 without and additional amendments. We are at a key time in the 2015 Session, and legislators need to hear from you!

HB 3549 includes several key components agreed to in the work group:

Require aerial applicators to obtain a separate aerial applicator certificate, including 50 hours of aerial training, a national test, and ongoing education.
Study conducted by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) on the sufficiency of current buffers to protect schools, homes, drinking water, and fish-bearing streams from potential impacts due to aerial application of pesticides. Report back to Legislature in September 2016.
Establish a 24/7 hotline (through 2-1-1 or a similar service) for people to call who are concerned that they or their property have been exposed to pesticides. Report to the Legislature biennially.
Significant investments in new investigators, case reviewers, administrative help, and laboratory capacity at ODA’s pesticide investigation division.
Require Pesticide Analytical Response Center (PARC) to adopt standard operating procedures for use by PARC member agencies when responding to pesticide incidents. Report biennial with biennial reports to the Legislature.
Doubles most civil penalties associated with violation of Oregon pesticide laws and allows for loss of an applicator license if a violator fails to timely pay civil penalties.
Authorize ODA to require applicator retesting in the event of misapplication of pesticides and to suspend a license if the applicator fails the test.
Develop a web site cataloging all restricted use pesticides.

The workgroup did not advance recommendations around additional notification requirements, new reporting requirements, or larger buffers. We oppose any of those concepts being added to the bill.


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