Jackson County Farm Bureau offers scholarships

Jackson County Farm Bureau
Ron Bjork, President 541-830-8000
2960 Brownsboro Hwy., Eagle Point, Oregon 97524
Scholarship applications must be received or postmarked by May 15, 2016. Applicants will be
reviewed by scholarship committee and applicants will be selected. You will be notified by mail
or phone call and winners will be announced at the Spring Fair. The checks and certificates will
be handed out at the Spring Fair, if you cannot attend please let us know so we can send you
your check.
Ron Bjork
2960 Brownsboro Hwy.
Eagle Point, Oregon 97524
Attention: Scholarship Committee
Or call 541-830-8000 if other arrangements are needed.
Scholarship Application for Jackson County Farm Bureau
The Jackson County Farm Bureau Scholarship is
made available to any person preparing to enter
a junior college or university within [Ore., Ca.,
Wash., Id.,& Nev.] in a major area which benefits
The scholarships are awarded to students based on
scholastic achievement, leadership, and a perceived
ability to contribute to the community. The amount is
left up to the scholarship committee to determine.
This application must be completed in full and
postmarked on or before May 15, 2016 to be
considered by the Jackson County Farm Bureau
Scholarship committee.
A sealed transcript of each high school and/ or
college [and any institute of higher learning] junior
college and/ or college attended, must accompany
this application.
Two letters of recommendations must be included
with this application.
1. Name in full ____________________________
2. Phone [cell or land] ______________________
3. Home mailing
4. Student school address
5. Applicant will apply to enter [institute
of higher learning
6. To pursue the following major course of study
7. Father’s / Guardian’s name_________________
8. Mother’s / Guardian’s name ________________
9. High schools, junior colleges, and colleges
attended with dates of attendance and graduation
[including your present school]. Do not include
single course or class studies, e.g. night school.
10. High school G.P.A. _______ Junior
college G.P.A. _______ 4-year college
11. Your college standing for September 2015.
Freshman[] Sophomore [] Junior [] Senior []
12. List school, citizenship and scholastic
activities in which you have participated.
Be sure to include any agriculture related
13. List involvement in community
activities and services in which you have
_________ Letters of recommendation: Two
letters of recommendation must be included
referencing applicant’s attitudes to succeed
in furthering his/her educational endeavors.
On an additional page please:
Write a short handwritten autobiography including
how you become interest in agriculture.
Describe briefly any work and / or volunteer
experiences in which you have involved.
Explain how this scholarship will help you.
Applicant agrees that if he/she is selected for a
scholarship. Applicant will attend the instituted listed
and will pursue the major course of study listed
above for the duration of the academic year.
Dated this___ Day of ______ 2016
Applicant’s signature.



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