FB Opposes SB 500

Mark your calendars for March 22 at 3:00 PM in HR C! This Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Environment & Natural Resources will be holding a public hearing on SB 500. Farm Bureau opposes SB 500-it would eliminate the requirement to submit a timely “Report of Loss” form to the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) prior to filing a complaint about an illegal pesticide application in court. This is an important step for establishing facts for both parties, and it should remain a requirement.

Oregon law requires a landowner who believes they’ve been the victim of an illegal pesticide application to report the alleged loss within 60 days to (1) the ODA, (2) the pesticide applicator, and (3) the person for whom the pesticide was applied.

The “Report of Loss” serves two purposes:

It gives the ODA an opportunity to initiate an investigation into the extent and nature of the damage alleged, and
It gives the applicator an opportunity to conduct her own investigation in anticipation of litigation.

It is important that ODA investigators are able to collect samples in a timely manner to help determine whether an illegal pesticide application took place.

Without a “Report of Loss,” claims may devolve into “he said/she said” disputes, often with conflicting and weak evidence. This does not benefit either party, and it creates more complicated litigation.

Send the letter below to legislators or call your senator to ask them to oppose SB 500. Attend Wednesday’s hearing to tell the Committee why maintaining the “Report of Loss” is important to farmers, ranchers, and small woodland owners! Contact jenny@oregonfb.org if you have any questions or plan to attend the hearing.

Please join us in opposing SB 500!


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