HB 3087

On Thursday, March 23 at 1:00 PM in HR D, the House Committee on Early Childhood & Family Supports will hold public hearing on HB 3087. This bill would impose a new payroll tax on businesses and workers to pay for a proposed family leave mandate. Tax dollars would be allocated through a social insurance program to pay for parental leave or medical leave.

HB 3087 would create an expensive bureaucracy that would likely require significant taxpayer dollars in start-up costs and operating expenses. It is unclear what kind of economic impact HB 3087 would have on small businesses, local governments or the state.

Advocates are preparing to pack the Capitol on March 23, and we need farmers to attend the hearing Thursday to explain how HB 3087 will hurt family businesses! Contact Jenny@oregonfb.org if you are able to attend and testify on Thursday!

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