By Ralph McKechnie
Of the Independent
Chris Van Ness, teacher at Logos Learning Center, along with two students from the Oregon Envirothon, addressed the Farm Bureau meeting at Elmer’s Restaurant in Medford on September 19. This group, along with some of their peers represented both the school and the State of Oregon at the national contest this year. The school and Mr. Van Ness have been supported by the Farm Bureau for the last several years.
The Farm Bureau, pledging continued support, are elated to have someone in the academic field spreading the message of the farm community, and Logos school has become a willing partner in spreading that message.
When asked about their commitment to agriculture and the environment, the young ladies representing the team said that “we (meaning school students) don’t learn about natural resources, about subjects like soil erosion and other natural resource topics.”
The group said they are willing to work with local farmers on natural resource concerns and feels that such a cooperation could be highly beneficial to both parties.
State Board member Ron Bjork reported that there were many legislative challenges facing the farm bureau this past session, including family leave, retirement programs for workers and others like the transportation package, Farm to School, Bovine Manure tax credit, Wetlands and Oregon ag heritage program. The farm bureau lobbied against the small business tax increase, the timber tax, and water management bills.
Bjork also reported that Jackson County Farm Bureau has been holding the line on membership, while the Oregon Farm Bureau has slipped approximately 3,000 members recently. Emphasis during this coming year is going to be on increasing membership back to former levels.
The Jackson County Farm Bureau will hold their annual meeting at Elmer’s restaurant on the Third Tuesday of October, October 17, with dinner at 6 p.m. and the meeting proper beginning at 7p.m.


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