EPFFA livestock judging team

On June 18th, Eagle Point FFA’s Livestock Judging Team returned home from their trip to Oklahoma, where they attended Oklahoma State University’s Livestock Judging Clinic. Tyler Gifford, Paige Pesterfield, Braydon Dunbar, Sydney Baldwin, and Abigail Rademacher, spent two days on Oklahoma State University’s Campus. They worked on how to take notes, learned new terminology, and worked on giving reasons. They got tips on how to improve their reasons from their group leaders, which were members of Oklahoma State’s current or past Livestock Judging Team. When asked, all five students said that they think this Clinic helped them with their Livestock Judging Skills, and they believe it will be beneficial for future contests. This trip, however, wasn’t all work. They made new friends while at the Clinic, and after the Clinic was over, they had fun swimming, and playing cards together, as they had an extra two days in Oklahoma before they returned home. They said they had many laughs, created new inside jokes together, and they grew closer as a team.
Thank you to the Upper Rogue Youth Fund for Sponsoring these five students, allowing them to receive this experience, and allowing them to improve their Livestock Judging Skills while having a fun and memorable trip. Thank you to Mrs. Hinkson as well, for accompanying the five students on this trip. Finally, thank you to the staff and students of Oklahoma State University for putting this Clinic on and allowing students to improve their Livestock Judging Skills.

Paige Pesterfield

Eagle Point FFA Reporter


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