EPFFA Fall Clasic Livestock Judging

On September 29th, the Eagle Point FFA Livestock Judging Team competed in the
Western Fall Classic Livestock Judging Contest. The team evaluated 12 classes of livestock
and gave three sets of reasons, defending their placings to the judges. There were classes of
market hogs, breeding gilts, heifers, bulls, market lambs, breeding does, and ewes. The team
gave a set of reasons on the market lambs, the market hogs, and the Angus bulls. The
advanced team, consisting of Tyler Gifford, Paige Pesterfield, Sydney Baldwin, Katie Odom,
Abigail Rademacher, and Arielle McMahan, was 8th overall. Congratulations to the Advanced
Team! The beginning team judged the 12 classes of livestock as well, however they answered
questions about the market hogs, market lambs, and Angus bulls. The beginning team,
including Sam Rademacher, Waylon Way, Peyton Daniels, and Kacey Matthews, placed third
overall. Sam Rademacher placed third individually. Congratulations to the beginning team!
Thank you to everyone who provided livestock, to all the officials, and thank you to
everyone who helped the contest run smoothly!


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