Southern Oregon Ag Online agriculture in Southern Oregon Tue, 29 Jul 2014 18:42:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Farm Bill that will strengthen and expand insurance coverage options for farmers and ranchers. Tue, 29 Jul 2014 18:42:59 +0000 The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced continued progress in implementing provisions of the 2014 Farm Bill that will strengthen and expand insurance coverage options for farmers and ranchers. The new Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO), available through the federal crop insurance program and set to begin with the 2015 crop year, is designed to help protect producers from yield and market volatility.

“America’s agricultural producers work hard to produce a sufficient amount of safe and nutritious food for the country,” said Secretary Tom Vilsack. “It’s critical that they have crop insurance options to effectively manage risks and ensure that they do not lose everything due to events beyond their control. Following the 2014 Farm Bill signing, USDA has made it a priority to ensure the Supplemental Coverage Option was available to help farmers in this upcoming crop year.”

The 2014 Farm Bill strengthens and expands crop insurance by providing more risk management options for farmers and ranchers and by making crop insurance more affordable for beginning farmers. SCO, which is administered by the Risk Management Agency (RMA), further strengthens the farm safety net.

SCO will be available for corn, cotton, grain sorghum, rice, soybeans, spring barley, spring wheat, and winter wheat in selected counties for the 2015 crop year. Producers should contact their crop insurance agents to discuss eligibility in time to sign up for winter wheat coverage. RMA plans to make SCO more widely available by adding more counties and crops. Information on SCO for 2015 winter and spring wheat is available on the RMA website at Selected counties for other commodities will be released later this summer.

SCO is a county-level policy endorsement that is in addition to an underlying crop insurance policy, and covers a portion of losses not covered by the same crop’s underlying policy. Producers who elect to participate in Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC), which is offered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA), are not eligible for SCO for the crop and farm participating in ARC.

Producers applying for SCO for the 2015 winter wheat crop may withdraw coverage on any farm where they have elected, or where they intend to elect, ARC for winter wheat by the earlier of their acreage reporting date or Dec. 15, without penalty. This allows producers additional time to make an informed decision related to whether to elect to participate in either the ARC or Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs for their winter wheat. If producers withdraw SCO coverage for a farm by the earlier of their acreage reporting date or Dec. 15, they will not be charged a crop insurance premium. In order to withdraw coverage without penalty, producers must notify their agents of their intended election for ARC by the earlier of their winter wheat acreage reporting date or Dec. 15.

Today’s announcement was made possible by the 2014 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill builds on historic economic gains in rural America over the past five years, while achieving meaningful reform and billions of dollars in savings for taxpayers. Since enactment, USDA has made significant progress to implement each provision of this critical legislation, including providing disaster relief to farmers and ranchers; strengthening risk management tools; expanding access to rural credit; funding critical research; establishing innovative public-private conservation partnerships; developing new markets for rural-made products; and investing in infrastructure, housing and community facilities to help improve quality of life in rural America. For more information, visit

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Alumni & FFA supporters, Henley High FFA Tue, 29 Jul 2014 18:40:57 +0000 Alumni & FFA supporters,


Hope you are all having a great summer!  Reminder that we have a meeting scheduled for next Thursday, August 7th at 6:00 PM held in the small arena at the fairgrounds next to the Henley FFA concession stand.  We will be discussing our plans for an educational booth during the Klamath County Fair.


Also, we will discuss the new AgCN for Alumni members and how you can have your chance at winning a Yamaha Viking just by completing a profile/logging on to the website!


Hope to see you all there!  Come hungry and support our FFA kiddos going to Denver in January!!!



Meghan Biggs
Agricultural Science & Technology
Henley High School

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JaCo beef order, price and buyers Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:04:16 +0000 First Last Club Weight Price BuyerAll Comments Austin Self Crater FFA 1305 14 West Coast Pipeline LLC Traynham Ranch – California Wolf Performance   Seven Feathers Hotel Grand Champion Champion F F A Will Boyd Antelope Beef 1345 7 Sherm’s Food 4 Less Res Grand Champion 4- H Champion Jennifer Vargas Phoenix FFA 1225 6 Les Schwab Tire – (all stores) Res Champion F F A David Gladman Rogue Cattle Co 1150 5.75 People’s Bank of Commerce   The Medford Cruise, The Foundation of Greater Medford Rotary Res Champion 4- H Torri Lilly SVK 81 14 Paradigm Properties Grand Champion Mkt Goat Sammie Beck Crater FFA 93 9 Diode Laser Concepts Inc Res Grand Champion Mkt. Goat , Champion F F A Jessica Juvinall Crater FFA 76 10 Mountain View Paving Inc Res Champion F F A Mkt Goat Jacie Gavin Antelope Beef 1295 5.25 BioMass One Wil Bateman Butte Basin Beef 1430 3.5 Cascade Wood Products Inc Tyler Gifford Antelope Beef 1385 5 Paradigm Properties Baylee Schneider Eagle Point FFA 1365 4.25 Pape Ag & Turf   Pape’ AG & Turf Madigan Smith Rogue Cattle Co 1355 4.75    K Bar Ranch & K Bar Steakhouse Sydney Baldwin Antelope Beef 1285 6.25 Minute Markets Timber Products Co Emmitt Bateman Butte Basin Beef 1255 5 Hunt Tractor Equipment & Parts Inc Washington Federal Rayburn & Rayburn CPA’s Caitlin Wright Crater FFA 1335 4.5    Arthur A Dubs Foundation Alexis Taylor Wagner Valley 1215 3.75 R B Browns Trucking Tori Pfaff Crater FFA 1265 4.25 FAF Co Equipment Repair J & A Sales & Leasing Inc Danielle D’Inzillo Heavenly Acres 1345 3.75    Seven Feathers Hotel Ryan Gifford Eagle Point FFA 1200 5 Paradigm Properties Madison Cox Antelope Beef 1160 4.75 Leonardo Truck & Equipment Repair Skyler Balero Antelope Beef 1305 4.75 Sherm’s Thunderbird Market Justin Casebier Rogue Cattle Co 1490 9 VSP Products Co Inc Katelyn Smith Rogue Cattle Co 1390 4 Croman Corp Rachel Carr Phoenix FFA 1455 3.5 Minute Markets Peyton Daniels Antelope Beef 1370 4.75 S & B James Construction Natalie Claassen Butte Basin Beef 1265 4.25 Sherm’s Food 4 Less Brianna Gebhard Heavenly Acres 1240 4.5 Grange Co-Op Patrick Carr Phoenix FFA 1345 3.5 Western Valley Cutstock Inc Hank Schindler Heavenly Acres 1200 3.5 Grange Co-Op Ashley Cox Eagle Point FFA 1285 3.5 Lanphier Associates Inc Gracenne Lee Antelope Beef 1330 4.5 Foley Roads Inc Ethan Pomeroy Eagle Point FFA 1230 4 R B Browns Trucking Dalani Parent Wagner Valley 1140 4.75 R & S Supply Inc Seth Cox Antelope Beef 1295 4 Cascade Wood Products Inc Sydney Beck Antelope Beef 1460 3.5 Sherm’s Thunderbird Market Braydon Dunbar Antelope Beef 1375 4.25 Anderson Livestock Ian Macfarlane Eagle Point FFA 1360 3.5 Cascade Wood Products Inc Rachael Haas Butte Basin Beef 1350 4 Paradigm Properties Gabrielle Johnson Wagner Valley 1275 4.25 Brim Aviation Hilton Fuel & Supply Co Libby Vargas Butte Basin Beef 1230 4.25 Boise Cascade Emily Morris Phoenix FFA 1315 3.75 Sherm’s Food 4 Less Rachel Johnson Wagner Valley 1170 6.25 Brim Aviation Grace White Crater FFA 1295 5.75 Diode Laser Concepts Inc Nicole Beck Antelope Beef 1325 5 Diode Laser Concepts Inc Amber Toledo Phoenix FFA 1110 4 Minute Markets Lanfear, Calvin Tristian Hammon Antelope Beef 1135 4.5 Central Point Rotary David Johnson Wagner Valley 1300 4.25 Brim Aviation Nichole Taylor Wagner Valley 1515 3.5 Les Schwab Tire – Ashland Makenna Jones Butte Basin Beef 1420 4.25 Red Bluff Bull Sale Committee Shasta Livestock Auction Yard Inc Megan Ayres Eagle Point FFA 1390 4.25 Minute Markets Austin Schauffler Antelope Beef 1360 4    Davis Amusement Isaiah Johnson Wagner Valley 1265 4 Brim Aviation Fiona Nevin Antelope Beef 1240 6.75 Diode Laser Concepts Inc Alexi Kumley Crater FFA 1350 3.5    Valero Gas Shenia Smith Heavenly Acres 1320 4.25 Les Schwab Tire – South Andy Bjork Butte Basin Beef 1095 4.5 Freel & Associates Bedell, Gary & Tawnie Emillo Carrillo Antelope Beef 1295 5 Anderson, Ron & Jennifer Grace Chan Rogue Cattle Co 1555 4 Sherm’s Thunderbird Market Laura Chan Rogue Cattle Co 1405 3.75 Webfoot Truck & Equipment Ashley Schauffler Antelope Beef 1330 5.25 Earl, Dick & Wendy Caileen Baldwin Rogue Cattle Co 1405 4 Diode Laser Concepts Inc Denaly McAlister Wagner Valley 1200 4.25 Les Schwab Tire – Central Leah Hertel Phoenix FFA 1285 4 Croman Corp Charles Oakley Crater FFA 1245 4.25 Klamath Basin Equipment Manor Properties Derik Florey Crater FFA 1385 4 Erickson Air Crane Inc Derick Pfaff Heavenly Acres 1345 4.25 J & A Sales & Leasing Inc   FAF C0. Inc Grace Ede Wagner Valley 1290 3.75 Rainey’s Corner Market Rogue Meats Ricky McDonald Antelope Beef 1260 4.5 Medford Fabrication Rebeccalynn Martin Crater FFA 1355 4.75 Sherm’s Food 4 Less Joe Pickett Butte Basin Beef 1170 4.5 R & S Supply Inc Halie Walker Crater FFA 1305 4.25 On Site Screeners, Inc Gage It Construction Inc Brianna Baker Eagle Point FFA 1125 4.5 Paradigm Properties   Burtner Family, Dr Curt Tyerman, Bear Avery Schauffler Antelope Beef 1310 4.25 Les Schwab Tire – North Hunter McAlister Wagner Valley 1430 4 Paradigm Properties Sammie Beck Crater FFA 1415 8 Diode Laser Concepts Inc Estremado Logging Estremado Ranch R W Jacks Trucking Wynn Nevin Antelope Beef 1350 4.75 White City Metals & Supply   American Salvage Inc. Joey Raffensperger Phoenix FFA 1340 4.75    Western Wishes, DonnaLynn Quinta, Dixie Taylor


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Jackson County Fair Swine sale Tue, 29 Jul 2014 11:19:47 +0000 2014 07 16_7042

First Last Club Weight Price BuyerAll Comments
Kenzee Keife Eagle View Livestock 265 20 Sherm’s Food 4 Less Grand Champion Champion 4 H
Lexi Kaiser Eagle Point FFA 248 14 People’s Bank of Commerce Minute Markets Quality Fence Company Inc S & B James Construction Res Grand Champion Champion F F A
Matthew Proud Mudjestic Swine 268 10 Cook Crane Corp Res Champion 4- H
Cali Drake Crater FFA 256 10 Willie Boats Inc Res Champion F F A
Gabrielle Redhead Crater FFA 32 32 Pavati Grand Champion Mkt Turkey
Tanner Brotherton Bawk to the Future 22 38 R B Browns Trucking Res Grand Champion Mkt. Turkey
Hannah Kyzer Crater FFA 34 20 People’s Bank of Commerce Johnson, Leigh Res Champion F F A Mkt. Turkey
Zachary Drach Feathers Fur n Fun 16 36 Paradigm Properties Res Champion 4- H Mkt Chickens
Makaylah Rhodes Kids-N-Pigs 249 9 West Coast Pipeline LLC
Garrett Hanson Valley View Livestock 242 12 West, Steve & Carolyn Bennett, Curt & Carol Chaney, Frances Hyatt, David PAM HAWKINS, ARTHUR R DUBS FOUNDATION
Mariah Mills BBQ Pork 251 10 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Demi Keller Prospect FFA 263 11    Jeffrey Gifford
Jarrett Dalton Pig Pals 242 9 Reliable Electric
Taylor Kessler Sams Valley Kids 258 13 Hilton Fuel & Supply Co   Jim & Jodi Sawyer
Adam Danielson Mighty Fine Swine 255 8 All Creatures Animal Hospital
Abigail Rademachor Eagle View Livestock 259 9 Ravassipour Orthodontics
James Noble Valley View Livestock 265 12 People’s Bank of Commerce   The Medford Cruise Assoc., The Foundation of Greater Medford Rotary
Logan Krische Crater FFA 234 10 Adroit Construction
Jade Stubbs Sams Valley Kids 279 10 Big R Store
Jacob Hilton Meadows Valley Comm. Club 236 10 On Site Screeners, Inc   Fox Farm
Kolbee Coop Eagle Point Livestock 231 9    Hillcrest Family Dentistry
Avery Hanson Valley View Livestock 247 10 Hyatt, David
Hannah Kyzer Crater FFA 273 8 Grange Co-Op
Lane Magerle Pig Pals 271 9 Ravassipour Orthodontics
Makena Clevenger Mighty Misfits 280 10 Lanphier Associates Inc
Logan Lowder Pig Pals 250 11 Sherm’s Thunderbird Market
Grace Hilton Meadows Valley Comm. Club 266 8 Murphy Veneer
Claire Gladman Crater FFA 247 11 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Tanner Ray Gonzalez Mighty Fine Swine 268 8 Willie Boats Inc
Tanner Brotherton Mighty Fine Swine 250 12.5 Lithia Auto Body & Paint American Industrial Door LLC Brotherton Pipeline Inc Providence Medford Medical Center
Jazmine Davis Valley View Livestock 247 8 Hyatt, David
Clayton Rhodes Kids-N-Pigs 242 8 R B Browns Trucking
Elle Rohde Eagle Point FFA 258 12 Highway Products
Joshua Rabjohn Applegate Swine 241 10 All Creatures Animal Hospital
Trevor Morgan BBQ Pork 254 11 Bedell, Gary & Tawnie Fabricated Glass Specialties, Inc.
Sara Shelton Pig Pals 271 12 Minute Markets
Bailey Moore Pig Tails 231 7 Sherm’s Food 4 Less
Kenzie Nielsen Eagle Point FFA 239 9 Artoff Construction Co Inc Nick Rogers Contract Cutting
Korrin Stalker Kids-N-Pigs 263 9 All Creatures Animal Hospital
Cameron Landers Mighty Fine Swine 259 9 All Creatures Animal Hospital
Trent Norris Mighty Fine Swine 258 8 All Creatures Animal Hospital
Kayla Mainwaring Super Swine 230 7.5 Les Schwab Tire – Ashland
Jillian Worley Mighty Misfits 274 10 Willie Boats Inc Ravassipour Orthodontics
Nolan Tabor Meadows Valley Comm. Club 250 11 Tehama Tire Service Inc
Makayla Akers Pig Tails 231 12 R & S Supply Inc
Torri Lilly Sams Valley Kids 236 12 Human Bean of White City
Mackenzie Champion Phoenix FFA 265 9 Cook Crane Corp
Mallory Olson Applegate Swine 246 9 All Creatures Animal Hospital
Shiarra Weast Mudjestic Swine 244 10 Knife River Materials
Koby Champion Wagner Valley Livestock 240 9    Scrub Hub
Megan Hanson Eagle Point FFA 250 15 NIC Industries
Sydney Gray BBQ Pork 267 8 Les Schwab Tire – South
Paige Franklin Kids-N-Pigs 250 10 Brim Aviation
Elyssa Allen BBQ Pork 280 9.5 Sherm’s Thunderbird Market
Braydon Ray Meadows Valley Comm. Club 268 9.5 Medford Fabrication
Bree Swanson Crater FFA 246 6 Star Body Works
Kacey Matthews Pig Tails 256 10 Advanced Truck Body & Equipment Co Minute Markets
David Noble Valley View Livestock 256 9.5 Adroit Construction
Samuel Rademacher Eagle View Livestock 260 9 Grange Co-Op Lithia Motors
Mikhael Kemmerer Eagle View Livestock 264 8 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Cody Himes Eagle Point FFA 238 9.5 Paradigm Properties
Rose Jaeger Pig Tails 257 9 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Kelsey Whitlatch Eagle View Livestock 259 7 Les Schwab Tire – North
Alyson Scheffler Eagle View Livestock 263 10 Brookins, Gary & Vicki
Laci MAe James Mudjestic Swine 230 10 Tankersley Plumbing LLC
Myra Rademacher Eagle Point FFA 252 8.5 Jackson County Farm Bureau
Sandra Shelton Pig Pals 250 11 Ashland Hardware Umpqua Bank
James Gros Brownsboro Swine 233 7.5 Sherm’s Food 4 Less
Madison Buck Eagle Point Livestock 244 10 Allweather Wood, Humboldt Redwood   Humboldt Redwood
Brandon Tolner Applegate Swine 247 10 R B Browns Trucking
Bailey Burtner Crater FFA 239 9    Onyro Ranch
Crayton Gillespie Meadows Valley Comm. Club 241 9 Les Schwab Tire – North
Stephanie Pearson Pig Tails 248 7.5 Les Schwab Tire – Ashland
Macen Keller Kids-N-Pigs 265 8 B & R Tax Service Richardson, Justin & Dr Leslie
Leandra Millard Eagle Point FFA 242 11.5    Western Wishes, Don Hagglund, Dixie Taylor, Tootsie Hagglund
Baylee Ullom BBQ Pork 280 9.5 Bullet Rental & Sales Inc Patriot Electric West Coast Pipeline LLC C & C Constructors LLC B&R Rods
Blake Beck BBQ Pork 274 12.5 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Rylee Harding Applegate Swine 252 8 Sherm’s Thunderbird Market
Kendra Kuykendal Gilty Pigs 269 7.5    Chris Cook in Memory of Kim Adams
Haylee VanWormer Prospect FFA 263 7.5 BioMass One
Hanna Kuykendall Butte Falls Pig Commanders 245 7.5 BioMass One
T’Neal Myers Butte Falls Piglets 232 16 Murphy Veneer
Alivia Levario Gilty Pigs 267 8.5 Farmer’s Feed & Pet Supply
Kyleah Childers Gilty Pigs 280 7 Les Schwab Tire – South
Gabrielle Redhead Crater FFA 271 7.5 Quality Fence Company Inc
Stefanee Tolner Applegate Swine 263 8 Rogue Valley Farm Equipment
Bretta Davis Valley View Livestock 255 6 Bates, Dr Alan & Laurie Shady Cove Market
Reagan Scheffler Eagle View Livestock 274 6 Klamath Basin Equipment
Kristen Hanson Eagle Point FFA 245 12 NIC Industries
Jordan Monroe Meadows Valley Comm. Club 260 6.5 Sherm’s Food 4 Less
Garret Marcoulier Applegate Swine 249 9.5 Timber Products Co
Andrew Herinckx Mudjestic Swine 251 11 GE & Company
Haylee Hoffman Valley View Livestock 257 8.5 People’s Bank of Commerce
Nate White Crater FFA 250 9 Central Point Rotary
Caden Coffman Meadows Valley Comm. Club 271 9 Sherm’s Thunderbird Market
Sydney Welburn Upper Rogue TLC 236 11    Eagle Point Family Dentistry, Luke and April Barsalou
Holly Harding Applegate Swine 231 9 R & S Supply Inc
Bryce Whitlatch Eagle View Livestock 244 7.5 Desert Pump Co Inc
Karissa Bradley Phoenix FFA 239 8 Les Schwab Tire – South
Ben Harriff Pig Pals 252 7.5 Farmer’s Feed & Pet Supply   P.A. Hay Ranch, Vern Feed/Noble Barns
Chloe Acusta Mighty Fine Swine 259 8 Human Bean of White City
McKenzie Chenoweth Meadows Valley Comm. Club 237 7 Quality Fence Company Inc
Andy Ashley Kids-N-Pigs 244 7.5 Bedell, Gary & Tawnie
Samantha Shelton Pig Pals 244 10 Minute Markets
Cole Johnston Eagle Point FFA 254 8 Advanced Truck Body & Equipment Co Minute Markets
Clayton Fox Kids-N-Pigs 273 8 Croman Corp   Rogue Rods
Max Potter Wagner Valley Livestock 259 9 Wolf Performance Lithia Motors
Jimmy Kiriyon Butte Falls Piglets 265 10.5 On Site Screeners, Inc
Kristen Gordon Brownsboro Swine 265 8 The Wharf
Brody Wilkerson Brownsboro Swine 230 8 Plum Creek Timber
Ryan O’Conner Crater FFA 261 6.5    Picker’s Paradise
Jordan Robinson BBQ Pork 267 7.5 Tyerman DMD, Curt
Tony Tacchini Butte Falls Pig Commanders 231 7    Schnider Creek, Bud & Cheryl Davis
Elezebeth Allen BBQ Pork 252 8 Knife River Materials
Emmy Allen BBQ Pork 279 8.5 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Herzog Haley BBQ Pork 250 9 White City Metals & Supply On Site Screeners, Inc
Mariena Bowman Phoenix FFA 248 7.5 Farmer’s Feed & Pet Supply   Vern’s Feed, LMF Horse Feed, Vern Meyer
Kyleigh Nelms Butte Falls Pig Commanders 250 8 Boise Cascade
Cody Sholer Pig Pals 266 9.5    Farmer’s Insurance
Brayden Girodat Brownsboro Swine 250 6.5 Allweather Wood, Humboldt Redwood
Kamry Boorman Mighty Misfits 278 6.75    Arthur R Dubs Foundation
Emilee Nielsen Brownsboro Swine 230 10 Sherm’s Food 4 Less
Jace McFall Eagle View Livestock 235 7.5    Liberty Tax Service
Ashley Hegler Crater FFA 260 7.5    Tech Plumbing
Kaylee Olchawa Wagner Valley Livestock 255 6.25 Les Schwab Tire – Central
Luke Mchugh Eagle View Livestock 259 10 Batzer Inc L & S Rock
Collin Lee BBQ Pork 273 8 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Mckenzie Thompson Tall Timbers 263 6.25 Sherm’s Thunderbird Market
Taylor Myers Butte Falls Piglets 267 15.5 Murphy Veneer Phil’s Frosty Artoff Construction Co Inc Les Schwab Tire – North Plum Creek, GM Land & Forest, Nick Rodgers Contract Cutting
Sam Simpson Applegate Swine 257 7 Statewide Construction & Sales
Megan Keith Phoenix FFA 245 8.5 Paradigm Properties
Danny Herinckx Mudjestic Swine 261 5 Cascade Wood Products Inc
Stacy Pearson Pig Tails 271 5 Cascade Wood Products Inc
Jordy Gorman Butte Falls Pig Commanders 268 6 Ron Hailicka Equipment Inc
Kaity Kelsey Mighty Fine Swine 235 6 Wolf Performance
Katelyn Merriman Phoenix FFA 240 6    Peterson Cat
Ashley Myers Upper Rogue TLC 268 6    Peterson Cat
Andy Monroe Meadows Valley Comm. Club 262 5 Northwest Specialty Fab Inc
Maddie Terando Wild Hogs 280 5 Northwest Specialty Fab Inc
Ryan Tolner Applegate Swine 264 8 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Cameron Godard Pig Pals 233 8 Hart Insurance
Rylee Godard Crater FFA 249 9.25 Lifeline Computer Solutions
Morgan Godard Pig Pals 256 9.25 NIC Industries
Taylor Lee BBQ Pork 278 7 Johnny Cat Inc
Stormie Thompson Tall Timbers 260 7 On Site Screeners, Inc
Jesse Smith Applegate Swine 245 5 Tom’s Bronco Parts Inc
Katie Odom Applegate Swine 251 5 Tom’s Bronco Parts Inc
Dakotah Cantamessa Eagle Point FFA 270 5 Paradigm Properties
Madison Bartlett Eagle Point FFA 234 5 Southern Oregon Orthopedics Inc
Jazmine Connor Ashland Pigskins 258 5.25 Project A
Camiren Torrey Gilty Pigs 234 5.25 Siskiyou Community Health Center
Andrew Price Eagle View Livestock 267 5 Flying Eagle Market
Jared Price Eagle View Livestock 264 5 Flying Eagle Market
Kassidy Boorman Mighty Misfits 272 6 Highway Products
Mariah Kinney Mighty Misfits 259 6 Highway Products
Kara Wills Applegate Swine 230 7.25 Riverdell Construction Patriot Electric   Grether Construction, Monica Wills
Dominic Lewis Eagle View Livestock 244 7.25 Riverdell Construction Patriot Electric   Grether Construction, Monica Wills
Mariah Annis Brownsboro Swine 230 4.75 On Site Screeners, Inc Wolf Performance White City Metals & Supply
Kaylee Nieminer Pig Pals 236 4.75 On Site Screeners, Inc Wolf Performance White City Metals & Supply
Kaylynn Belcastro Pig Tails 240 5 Tankersley Plumbing LLC
Bryce Belcastro Pig Tails 275 5 Tankersley Plumbing LLC
Kylie Caldwell BBQ Pork 273 4.75 Mountain View Paving Inc
Christina Joslin Valley View Livestock 245 4.75 Webfoot Truck & Equipment
Bray Hegler Mudjestic Swine 237 6.25 Wolf Performance On Site Screeners, Inc White City Metals & Supply
Lane O’Brien Crater FFA 264 6.25 Wolf Performance On Site Screeners, Inc White City Metals & Supply
Billie Brown Mighty Misfits 266 9 Bullet Rental & Sales Inc   Northern Pipeline, Pape Machinery
Mickala Morris Upper Rogue TLC 250 9 Bullet Rental & Sales Inc   Northern Pipeline, Pape Machinery
Colt Carlton Butte Falls Piglets 258 5 Sherm’s Food 4 Less
Wyatt Carlton Butte Falls Piglets 255 5 Sherm’s Food 4 Less
Marisa Elmore Applegate Swine 249 5 Highway Products
Marly Marcoulier Applegate Swine 244 5    Goodlett Automotive
Sean Kinney Phoenix FFA 249 7 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Stephanie Herinckx Rogue River FFA 233 7 Diode Laser Concepts Inc
Katie Munsell Butte Falls Pig Commanders 267 6.25 Johnny Cat Inc
Theresa Ferguson Butte Falls Piglets 245 6.25 On Site Screeners, Inc
Madison Crook Ashland Pigskins 248 6.25    Ashland Home Net
Carlee Conner Ashland Pigskins 253 6.25 Infostructure Mountain View Paving Inc   Samantha Steele
Danea Kaufmann Applegate Swine 240 6.25 On Site Screeners, Inc Wolf Performance White City Metals & Supply
Leeanna Lands Upper Rogue 4H 248 6.25 On Site Screeners, Inc Wolf Performance White City Metals & Supply

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Jackson County Fair Beef show and auction Mon, 28 Jul 2014 18:47:08 +0000 The following link will take you to the video for the Beef show and auction held at the Jackson County Expo and fairgrounds on July 17 and July 19.

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2014 Jackson County Fair Youth Swine Auction, July 16 Mon, 28 Jul 2014 17:37:47 +0000

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Sahsta Livestock sale July 11 Sun, 13 Jul 2014 19:35:39 +0000 RECEIPTS:       This Week: 2282 Last Week: 1820 COMPARED TO LAST WEEK: Slaughter cows and bulls $6-$7 higher. Bulk of cattle 500-700 lbs. Steers under 500 and heifers under 600 steady to $5 higher. Steers over 500 lbs $5-$15 higher. Heifers over 600 lbs $2-$10 higher. Off lots and singles $10-$40 below top. SLAUGHTER COWS: High Dress Low Dress                                 Breakers: 101.00-109.00 110.00-122.00                                 Boneing: 93.00-100.00                                 Cutters: 84.00-92.00                                               BULLS 1 & 2: 100.00-119.00 120.00-140.00 FEEDER STEERS: 300-400 xxxx to                         270.00 (1 lot) Top Offerings/Pen Lots 400-450 230.00 to                         265.00 450-500 220.00 to                         246.00 500-550 220.00 to                         254.00 550-600 220.00 to                         256.00 600-650 220.00 to                         254.00 650-700 220.00 to                         242.50 700-750 200.00 to                         221.00 (few) 750-800 220.00 to                         233.00 800-900 194.00 to                         222.00 FEEDER HEIFERS: 300-400 215.00 to                         250.00 Top Offerings/Pen Lots 400-450 200.00 to                         235.00 450-500 220.00 to                         231.00 500-550 201.00 to                         226.50 550-600 202.00 to                         228.50 600-650 205.00 to                         221.00 650-700 203.00 to                         218.00 700-750 xxxx to xxxx 750-800 190.00 to                         203.00 (few) 800-900 187.00 to                         194.00 (few)                                                        PAIRS:   Full-mouth pairs, most Red Durhams, $1850-$2475   Broken-mouth pairs $1650-$2150                                             CALVY COWS:   Full-mouth cows $1500-$2000; broken-mouth $1200-$1450

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EPID Water holding Fri, 11 Jul 2014 20:38:04 +0000  

By Ralph McKechnie

For the Independent

Meeting on July 8, the Eagle Point Irrigation District discussed the drought situation and some surprising news is that there is a chance that water will continue to flow at the current rate without interruption throughout the entire irrigation season. Not wanting to be overly optimistic, Manager Dave Ford responded to the question by merely saying that the water will stretch through the end of July. Ford did say that he was attempting to be realistic because the hot weather and lack of rain have literally dried out the aquifer.

One point that former Manager Hazel Ellefson always pointed out is that much of the vegetation requires less water following the period occurring sometime during the middle of August. At that time, vegetation, especially trees, shift into the drought mode and require less water. Fortunate that is also the time when the supply also loses production. What that causes is the water supply, even though diminished, to go further toward irrigating fields properly.

This is, however, a very dry year and Ford is doing all possible to preserve what water there is by holding some in reserve in Willow Lake. However, that causes the District to have to pump water from North Fork Butte Creek, and the amount budgeted for pumping costs will probably be exceeded this year. The budget for pumping is approximately $35,000 and the actual will likely be more than that.

Currently, the water being taken form Butte Creek amounts to some 62 1/2 CFS and another 7 CFS comes from Willow Lake. Ford did say that there is some from the springs that dump into the main canal, bringing the amount in the main canal to a managing level that allows a full rotation of irrigation. What happens from here on out may be another story.

There was a lengthy discussion concerning the division of water from the system. As many know, EPID and the Medford Water Commission have joint date of water rights on the creek and the springs. Medford Water pulls directly from the springs and gets the benefit of almost pure water. The District pulls form the creek and the Lake because irrigation water does not have to be as pure as drinking water.

Another issue that has arisen is that consultant Buck Rowden has discovered water users above the District’s diversion have been pulling more water than they have by right, and that situation has been rectified by the Watermaster.

The discussion came around to the original agreement between Medford Water and EPID and the documents show that there could be additional water had the original plan been followed. Four Bit Creek has a live stream and the water right extends to that as well. However, there was a planned ditch to transfer water from that stream to Willow Lake, which would augment water in the system. The Board and Rowden are exploring the possibilities to completing that original project. The Board will hold a joint meeting with Medford Water to discuss the findings by the first part of August.

Attorney Bill Mansfield reported that oral arguments were to be given to the July 10 session of the Oregon Court of Appeals on the Lesko Beaver Case. Mansfield assumed that no decision would be handed down until sometime in the fall. He also reported on the disposition of the embezzling case. In this case, the accused has changed her plea to “guilty” and will probably be sentenced in September.

In recognition of the contributions to the District, EPID will host a picnic for retired consultant and District Manager Hazel Ellefson, and Shop Foreman Roger Ellefson. The planned date is September 29 and all patrons are invited to attend.

District meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month at the District office on Brophy Road, beginning at 5 p. m. All patrons are urged to attend.

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Shasta Livestock auction June 27 Sun, 29 Jun 2014 04:32:33 +0000 RECEIPTS:       This Week: 1820 Last Week: 1234 COMPARED TO LAST WEEK: Slaughter cows and bulls $4-$5 higher headed into July 4th. Few                           cattle 525 lbs and below steady; balance above 525 lbs. $5-$12 higher. Off lots and singles $10-$40 below top offerings. SLAUGHTER COWS: High Dress Low Dress                                   Breakers: 97.00-104.00 105.00-115.00                                   Boneing: 90.00-96.00                                   Cutters: 81.00-89.00                                               BULLS 1 & 2:   90.00-114.00 115.00-134.00 FEEDER STEERS: 300-400 xxxx to xxxx Top Offerings/Pen Lots 400-450 230.00 to                           259.00 450-500 239.00 to                           250.00 (few) 500-550 220.00 to                           240.00 550-600 222.00 to                           254.00 600-650 220.00 to                           241.50 650-700 210.00 to                           234.00 700-750 202.00 to                           224.00 750-800 206.00 to                           213.50 800-900 xxxx to xxxx FEEDER HEIFERS: 300-400 xxxx to xxxx Top Offerings/Pen Lots 400-450 220.00 to                           238.00 450-500 220.00 to                           242.00 500-550 200.00 to                           227.00 (few) 550-600 200.00 to                           230.00 600-650 190.00 to                           219.00 650-700 185.00 to                           214.00 700-750 187.00 to                           199.00 (few) 750-800 191.00 to                           199.00 800-900 165.00 to                           176.00 (few)                                                          PAIRS:   Full-mouth pairs $1800-$2350; broken-mouth $1535-$1850                                               CALVY COWS:   Very few of various types $1100-$1525

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Shasta Livestock sale June 20 Sun, 22 Jun 2014 23:33:20 +0000 RECEIPTS:       This Week: 1234 Last Week: 1863 COMPARED TO LAST WEEK: Slaughter cows and bulls $5-$6 higher incl. all-time high for one bull. Most classes of stockers and feeders $4-$11 higher. Off lots and singles $10-$30 below top. SLAUGHTER COWS: High Dress Low Dress                                 Breakers: 92.00-99.00 100.00-111.00                                 Boneing: 83.00-91.00                                 Cutters: xxxx                                             BULLS 1 & 2:   87.00-108.00 110.00-131.50 FEEDER STEERS: 300-400 xxxx to xxxx Top Offerings/Pen Lots 400-450 251.00 to                         260.00 (few) 450-500 230.00 to                         254.00 (few) 500-550 220.00 to                         244.00 550-600 215.00 to                         243.00 600-650 212.00 to                         236.00 650-700 200.00 to                         213.00 (few) 700-750 209.00 to                         217.00 (few) 750-800 187.00 to                         206.00 (few) 800-900 190.00 to                         205.00 (few) FEEDER HEIFERS: 300-400 xxxx to                         270.00 (1 set) Top Offerings/Pen Lots 400-450 220.00 to                         252.50 (few) 450-500 210.00 to                         239.00 500-550 190.00 to                         224.00 550-600 180.00 to                         218.00 600-650 180.00 to                         214.00 650-700 180.00 to                         207.00 (few) 700-750 158.00 to                         198.00 750-800 xxxx to xxxx 800-900 xxxx to xxxx                                  PAIRS:   Pairs of various sizes $1425-$1985                                             CALVY COWS:   Old to running-age cows $1250-$1610

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