The Home Garden

I decided to try something different this year.  In my garden, I have used just about every sprinkler system invented, and have never been quite satisfied,  Taking a note from a former neighbor, I used simple PVC pipe,connected it to the hose and drilled holes wherever I need them.  With all the pipe now available, it is easy to cover the entire garden with all the bends and different elevations or whatever might come up.  I don’t worry about sprinklers getting a bug in the system, if they do with the little holes, it is a simple matter to clear.

2014 05 31_5583


I tried something else this year too.  I have used raised beds before, but this year decidede to try concrete block, for two reasons: you can stack them as high as you like, and I had a bunch of them sitting around that seemed to have no particular use.  being able to stack them high as I want is important because I can garden at my level, not ground level.  Very important when you’re 70 years of age and your back hurts.

2014 05 31_5575

I went to the trouble of placing hardware cloth under the entire bed to prevent burrowing critters from coming up into the bed, and filled the holes with more of the garden mix and am using those cells as places to grow more veggies.  here is an onion coming up.  Surprisingly enough, these little sets were from a friends garden taken at least two years ago and they were still viable.  We also used some of the cells for flowers, which brighten up the garden and attract pollinators.

2014 05 31_5578Here is a Marigold next to the PVC line.  Just inside the bed proper are tomato plants, who seemingly like the setup.


The Bed itself is a layer of straw covered with a layer of manure, then another layer of straw, more manure and the garden soil mix.  Before the weather gets too bad this fall, there will be another layer of straw and more manure and finally straw on the top.

As usual, this is an experiment, and modifications will be made as time goes by.

Oh, and by the way, the sprinkler system is working well, taking much less time than overhead sprinklers, and more importantly in this dry year, taking less water.